Native Highlight: "A Girl From TX" Drops Her Top Spots in Austin

Native Highlight: @agirlfromtx

Michelle Williams, the owner of the Instagram account A Girl From TX (@agirlfromtx), is as Texas as it gets. She was born and raised as just "a girl from Texas". If you looked up the definition of a Texas Native, her name would probably show up. She knows Austin, Dallas, and Houston like the back of her hand. If you have a question about anything that has to do with Texas, she'll know the answer.

We highlighted why she started A Girl From TX (@agirlfromtx) and are giving you the inside scoop on her tops spots in Austin!

The inspiration behind the account

I realized when I graduated from UT in Austin and moved up to Dallas that Texans kind of move all over the place! So many of us hop from one Texas city to the other, especially collegiates and recent college grads.



A Girl From TX started as a way to share her experiences as she bounced around from one Texas city to the other. Geared at the collegiate and recent college grads, her goal is to share her favorite spots with those new to the city to help them feel at home. She made sure to say that, "We Texans gotta stick together!"

She even went a step further and created her blog - A Girl From TX - about her adventures packed with awesome lists and advice on how to explore the city!


What got you so hooked on the Austin food scene?

I absolutely love the diversity of the Austin food scene. You can find all kinds of food, and even some kinds you have never heard of before. They can be bigger chains or little local shops, but they’re so unique to Austin. For example, there’s a restaurant dedicated to biscuits opening down the street from me next week and how cool is that!


The Austin food scene is one of the most unique in the world. It's constantly changing its identity - which can be overwhelming to keep up with. Michelle makes a great point that even the "chains" in Austin seem to stay local to Austin!

By the way, she'll have to let us know when that biscuit restaurant opens its doors... that sounds amazing!

Life as a picky foodie

... One thing about me is that while I love trying out new restaurants and foods, I am actually a crazy picky eater. I don’t like fruits, most vegetables, things with a lot of sugar, or any drinks that aren’t water. I am a terrible terrible foodie!!

There's a lot of things that we could describe A Girl From TX as, but a "terrible terrible foodie" is not one of them! Although a "picky foodie" seems almost like an oxymoron, all you have to do is quickly check out her Instagram to realize that you can still find mouthwatering food all over Texas that fits your tastes. We'd even argue there's more picky eaters than not, so if you're in the same boat as Michelle, @agirlfromtx is definitely going to help you find what you're looking for.

Why you need to follow @agirlfromtx right now

If you live in Texas, you should follow to find some hidden gems as far as restaurants, murals, boutiques, and events going on in your city! I’m all about those gems you didn’t even know existed, and I am here to make sure you do now! If you don’t live in Texas, then follow because you will absolutely want to visit there ASAP! 

A Girl From TX isn't just for those looking for food. She aims to help you find those hidden gems whether it's a restaurant, mural, boutiques, or events! At any given time, there's so much going on in Austin that the best things to do often get overlooked. She aims to connect you to those hidden gems that you've been searching for. It doesn't matter if you are from Texas or not, if you want to discover the best parts of Austin, you need to follow her right this second.

We loved this interview so much because of how her goals align so well with ours. We aim to help you find your favorite things to do in a city through connecting you to expert Austin Natives, like Michelle! You gotta check out her favorite places below.


The top spots from @agirlfromtx

1) Numero 28

452 W 2nd St, Austin, TX 7870

Pro Tip: 

Absolute best italian food (especially pizza) in Austin! The owner is from Milan and moved here a few years ago because his wife lives here. Every person I have brought here has absolutely LOVED it!


2) Auditorium Shores / Ladybird Lake Trail

900 W Riverside Dr, Austin, TX 7870


What a view ☀️

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Pro Tip:

Best views of Austin. Come right as sunsets to the shores, and you can walk along the boardwalk to get even better views. This is my favorite spot in Austin!


3) Bangers / Rainey Street

79 Rainey St, Austin, TX 7870

Pro Tip 

Bangers Sunday brunch is a must. Make sure you arrive the moment it opens or risk waiting hours in line. Afterwards, explore Rainey Street for Sunday Funday!


4) Salt Lick BBQ

18300 Farm to Market Rd 1826, Driftwood, TX 78619


Driftwood is calling.

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Pro Tip

If you have a car, take the drive out to Salt Lick (about 30 minutes away) for some amazing BBQ! Skip the Franklins line and still eat like a king. Truly a southern experience!

She even left us with a few extra tips:

Check out Twin Falls at the Greenbelt if it's warm weather, visit Graffiti Park, walk around South Congress for some unique stores, explore Rainey Street on a Sunday afternoon, and absolutely make sure you grab queso at a tex-mex restaurant!

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