5 Dog Friendly Austin Bars That'll Make You And The Pup Happy

We don't have any stats off the top of our head to prove it, but we are pretty sure Austin is the most dog friendly place in the world! This was tough limiting the list down to 5, but hopefully some of these are ones you haven't heard about yet and can go check out. These are a few of our favorites right now. We left out places like Banger's because, well, everyone knows Banger's. We would love to hear your favorites in the comment section.

1) The ABGB

1305 W. Oltorf St.

Great For: Grabbing A Slice And A Pitcher

Specials: Happy Hour Tues-Fri 3-7pm $1 off pints, $2 off pitchers. They also do Kegs To Go!

They have you covered if you want to bring your furry friend. They supply dog bowls and biscuits so you can leave them behind. Keep an eye out for events they throw that benefit places like Austin Pets Alive. 

Native Scoop: Locals are into the events ABGB throws to benefits pets. They usually have a clever local beer on tap that has some hilarious pet pun. 

2) Rustic Tap

613 W 6th St.

Great For: Giant Beer Pong, Watching The Games, Groups

Specials: Local Brews Specials all the time and Late Night Tamales 2 for $5 & Smores $5

Rustic Tap is one of our favorite places to go if we are really looking to let loose and have some fun. Try your hand at giant beer pong or lounge in their comfy chairs. This is a great spot if you want to watch the football games over the weekend, but don't want to leave the pup at home.

Native Scoop: Locals say Rustic Tap has a low key awesome live music scene. They have two outdoor stages so there is plenty of stage to go around. This gets pretty crowded on the weekend, but not nearly as crowded as others on the same street. 

3) Yard Bar

6700 Burnet Rd.

Heaven is a place on earth!

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Great For: Off Leash Romping, Local Brews, Weekend Vibes

Specials: $5.50 for the day pass per dog

I mean, Yard Bar opened with the intention to be a dog park/bar hybrid, so we obviously had to add it to the list. There are tennis balls and obstacles in a fenced in dog park for your pup to run off the leash. They'll love it! You know what they say, "Happy pup happy life", or something like that. 

Native Scoop: Locals love this place because you can let your dog roam free while sipping on a can of local beer. They say they can spend hours with friends drinking and watching the pups play. Don't sleep on the food either, the burger is top notch. 

4) unBARlievable

76 Rainey St

Saturdays are for the #buckeyes #ABR #austinboxerrescue #LetsGoBucks #Milly

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Great For: Watching The Games, Soaking In The Sun, Hula Hoop Comps

Specials: The Giant Moscow Mule is $100 but can be shared with friends.

Unbarlievable is the perfect place when you're trying to avoid the Sunday scaries (everyone knows the best way to beat the scaries is a little day drinking). They have TVs on the front lawn with a ton of chairs or you could head down the slide to the back where they project games on a huge screen. Both the front and back outdoor space attracts all kinds of pups. Grab your crew and order the giant Mule to share. Fair warning, they have come under fire for remarks said back in June, but they have really cleaned up their act.

Native Scoop: Locals love this place because of the not one, but two outdoor areas. Every one of them talks about the slide at Unbarlievable. They told us it's a great place to watch the Longhorns with your crew and the pups. It brings in a steady crowd of 20 somethings.

5) Easy Tiger Beer Garden

709 E. 6th St.

easy, cooper 🍻

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Great For: Lazy Sundays, Ping Pong, Baked Goods

Specials: Occasional $3 cocktail and $2 beer specials

Easy Tiger has a great beer garden that is super welcoming to your pets. You'll see a ton of pups lounging in the shade to keep away from the heat. There are plenty of water bowls to go around, often the staff will greet you with them. This is the perfect place to kick it and down some drinks - and maybe fit in some ping pong action.

Native Scoop: Locals were embarrassed to admit that they get the meat and cheese plate and occasionally slip some to their pup. 

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