Native Highlight: @ShelbySorrel's Top Spots in Austin

Native Highlight: @shelbysorrel

We had the pleasure of talking to Shelby Sorrel, the legend behind the Instagram account @shelbysorrel (obviously). She is an incredible individual that understands creating relationships with others is the key to enjoying life. Instagram was a natural fit for being able to express her passion for food and people and she is lighting it up in the Austin Food Scene.

We highlighted why she started @shelbysorrel and are giving you the inside scoop on her tops spots in Austin!

The inspiration behind the account

I love taking photos, so I started taking photos of my friends and the food we shared together, and people started to follow along. It’s been so fun to see my account grow and to share parts of my life with people who follow me. Relationships are what inspired me to take photos, and now I get to form friendships with people who follow me and vice versa, and it’s a blast!

Her Instagram has been a 6 year journey that started with her roommate practically forcing her to start it. We have to give her roommate a shout out for helping Shelby realize the gift she had of taking incredible food photos.

We love how important it is for Shelby to create relationships with her followers. The main goal of these Native Highlights is to allow you to learn the stories behind the awesome accounts you follow. It was apparent in her interview that she is driven by the joy she brings to those who follow her journey. She uses Instagram as a platform to share her passions for taking photos and enjoying food. It doesn't hurt that she has a great time doing it! Each photo she posts gives you an insider look into her life and passions. 

What got you so hooked on the Austin food scene?

My love for food ultimately started with my love for people. I love sitting down over a meal and sharing life together. The Austin food scene is always changing, and I love trying new things, so I would suggest new restaurants for dinners/brunches/happy hours with friends.

One of the most amazing parts of food is that it brings people together. The Austin food scene especially has a magical way of connecting people that otherwise would never be connected. Shelby is amazed at the opportunities that she’s gotten with @shelbysorrel to try new things and enjoy Austin with friends. A common trend in her answers was that to truly experience everything Austin has to offer, you have to experience with friends. So grab the crew and hit a brunch or happy hour around Austin!

I started taking photos of our food (yes, it was obnoxious, and yes, they made fun of me every single time) and the rest is history. Living in a city that has an incredible, ever-changing food scene made it easy to get hooked, and having friends that will partake in good conversation over delicious food helped too!

What are friends for if they aren’t going to constantly make fun of everything you do?! Her friends may mess with her while she’s taking the pictures, but even they can’t help but be amazed when the picture lands on her Instagram. @ShelbySorrel doesn’t just have photos of mouthwatering dishes though. Every photo tells a story of the experience she had and the individuals she was with. Shelby’s friends can make fun of the pics all they want – as long as she keeps finding amazing restaurants to share with us.

The unconventional foodie

I order a side of fries wherever I go and eat way too many donuts. I love Hallmark movies, hot tea, and going to bed by 9pm...and I actually just realized I’m not that embarrassed about any of those, which in itself is probably embarrassing...

This type of not taking everything too seriously is the reason why we think Shelby is so successful! And even more amazing, this isn’t her full time job – which just shows how impressive she really is. Not gonna lie, that list of “embarrassing” things seems pretty amazing! 9 pm bedtime? Donuts? Sign us up!

Why you need to follow @shelbysorrel right now

I’ve never been one for self-promotion, but if you like bright and colorful photos, all things Austin, and food (always food), come hang! If you need restaurant recommendations, or want to know where to go to find the best spots in Austin for photos, shoot me a DM and I’ll see what I can do!

Her restauarant recs are definitely great, just see for yourself below! Oh, and Shelby, don’t worry about the self-promotion, you make it easy on us to do that for you. Not to mention her photos speak for themselves. She’s always open to talk and create relationships with her followers which is something that is very rare when you run into such a successful account like @shelbysorrel. She's an expert in the Austin area so if she thinks a place is great, it absoliutely is.

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The top spots from @shelbysorrel

1) Elizabeth Street Cafe

1501 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78704


the dreamiest table ✨

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Pro Tip: 

The restaurant is adorable, their service is spectacular, and the food is even better. They also serve cocktail punch pitchers, so I mean, priorities.


2) Pool Burger

2315 Lake Austin Blvd, Austin, TX 78703

Pro Tip:

It is the cutest (and most delicious) burger spot in Austin. We're talkin' tiki drinks, soft serve, crinkle fries, colorful tables, and a laid-back atmosphere.


3) Clark's Oyster Bar

1200 W 6th St, Austin, TX 78703


not pictured: tate's big @$$ pile of 🍟

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Pro Tip 

Clark's may be known for oysters, but their burger and shoestring fries happen to be one of my favorites in town. And the space is adorable, of course.


4) Launderette

2115 Holly St, Austin, TX 78702


best burger + my best bud 🍔

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Pro Tip

Launderette is quaint, and secluded in East Austin. I have never had a dish there that I didn't love -- and their ice cream sandwiches make the perfect dessert.

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