Instagram Highlight - The "Mid West Coast"

Author: Maggie Rohrs

Cleveland, Ohio

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Do you think of beaches when you think of Ohio? We do after our trip to Cleveland.

The NativX team recently spent two and a half weeks in Cleveland as part of the Flashstarts Labs program. During our stay we got the chance to use an office in the historic downtown Terminal Tower, working with the interns and mentors in StartMart co-working space.

The trip wasn’t all business though, this picture came out of a moment of spontaneity when we decided to take a break and head down to the “Mid West Coast” of Lake Erie. A friend who lives in the area recommended the spot.

It’s been a great summer for Cleveland. Aside from hosting us, they also held this years Republican National Convention and watched their basketball team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, fight all the way to a historic NBA win (the first championship for the city in 52 years!) From the revitalization of downtown, to the live shows in Public Square, Cleveland has momentum. The bars and clubs on East 4th and West 6th are legendary, but if you want to explore the Cleveland you never get to see on TV, try checking out one of it’s many unique neighborhoods like Ohio City, Gordon Square or Tremont.