Rise Of The New Age Explorer

It’s about time someone realized that using personality to give suggestions on things to do is a great idea!

The New Age Explorer

The way we explore a city is changing right before our eyes. The desire to see the really old buildings and tourist traps is gone. The New Age Explorer is ditching the traditional trip for a much more exciting, social experience to remember with friends. We are talking Bottomless Boozy Brunches or epic Happy Hours on rooftops.

Experiences With Friends Is Key

New Age Explorers care more about creating experiences with friends than seeing traditional hotspots that you only go to because you have to “check it off the list”. You prefer finding those local hidden gems that you and your friends chat about years after the trip.

Recommendations Specific To You And Your Personality

Your personality plays a huge role in every decision you make. It can predict things like your music and food preferences or even your career path. NativX is the only app that factors your personality into giving personalized suggestions on things to do in a city. Seems like a no brainer. We automatically generate your personality profile and use that to give epic suggestions on restaurants, activities and lodging that fits you. Even better, we use your activity in the app, along with all the other activity from others with similar personalities to learn what you really want.

Tips From Locals Who Know Best

Sure you can get some benefit from reading reviews on Yelp, but the reviews are from people that visited the restaurant once or twice. If you visit NASA, does that automatically make you an astronaut (...We wish it did)? Born from an amazing trip to Guam with a local friend, the founders realized that the best people to get advice from are the people that live there. That is why NativX made it part of their mission to let the Natives give useful tips on things to do.

Avoid The Paradox Of Choice

Disney lives by the Paradox Of Choice: too many options actually makes us less happy. We took a page out of their book. Instead of throwing as much info at you as possible and hoping you find something you like, we give you recommendations that fit your style and are likely to enjoy.

Are You A New Age Explorer?

If you are looking for creating experiences with friends, you've gotta download NativX. You are the key to bringing the New Age Explorer to the forefront.