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Why NativX?

This blog is specifically aimed at showing the world local places that can deliver great services but don’t get the deserved recognition.  You know what we are talking about, the badass ones that you say “Hey this place is doing great things, how the heck has no one heard of this yet?” Well… we want to highlight the hard work they are putting in to make your dream trip a reality. In the end, we all know that #LocalsKnowBest.

Founded through the frustration of impersonal suggestions from travel sites and a desire for a more enriching travel experience, NativX aims to deliver the kind of trip travelers dream of.

Follow us on our quest to find the best parts of every area. We are looking to you to help us achieve this goal. 

If you have any great places that you want to get the recognition it deserves, let us know! You can comment or send us an email at

The NativX Team