Traveler Stereotypes - Any In Your Crew?

Author: Christopher King

Traveling with friends can create the best memories and cement lasting friendships; it can also expose one’s true colors. Here are just a few of the stereotypes you’re likely to see in every group…which ones are in your crew?

1) The "Alpha Dog" Traveler

Loves the power of directing the group and welcomes the pressure associated with the role.

instagram  @__cm_

instagram @__cm_

Favorite Phrase(s): “I’ve got this”.

Traits: Puts the team on their back, extensive researcher, crowd pleaser, short memory when a mistake is made.

Pros: Zero effort, max enjoyment.

Cons: Plans are set… don’t even think about it.

Extensive research or passed experience in traveling to the destination is a must; without the essential prep work, their reputation is in jeopardy. The Alpha Dog is a seasoned decision maker and does their best to keep the entire group in mind. No one said this job was easy. You have to be comfortable swimming with sharks; one bad decision for the group and it’s an all out feeding frenzy. Sink or swim.

2) The "Can You Spot Me?" Traveler

Everyone knows this person, if you don't it could be you...

Favorite Phrase(s): “I’ll just Venmo you” & “I get paid next week”.

Traits: Often seen without a wallet & running up your bar tab.

Pros: Need a favor?... Time to pay up, Connor. 

Cons: A lot more red on your bank statement.

You better track how much they owe, ‘cause they sure won’t. While you love this person and don’t actually mind spotting them the money in return for sharing great experiences, let’s face it... loaning money gets old. A little advice... you do not want to be this person!

3) The "Insta" Traveler

Instagram rules their life. If it won’t look good on the Insta, they aren’t interested.

Green texts...seriously?!

Green texts...seriously?!

Favorite Phrase(s): “Will this get me likes?” “Do it for the insta”.

Traits: Know their way around a filter, master of the “fake candid”, religiously tracks followers.

Pros: Incredible pictures to document your trip.

Cons: Smiling becomes a burden…

The “Insta” traveler sees their ‘gram as a second life and a full time job. If the place won’t result in a pic with at least 300+ likes, they aren’t going. This is the person who will find a beautiful view, spend the next ten minutes trying to find the right angle/lighting, and then leave once they have achieved this. Lunches are spent staring at their phone in search of the perfect filter (chose valencia and move on).

But let’s be honest, we are all guilty of being this traveler at some point...including NativX.

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4) The "Ballin' Without A Budget" Traveler

This type of traveler is a great companion on certain trips. The one that can turn your trip into a fantasy world or force you to move back in with your parents.

Favorite Phrase(s): “Charge it to the game”, “It’s just money”.

Creative Commons / flickr: ColinMRose

Creative Commons / flickr: ColinMRose

Traits: Subtle belief that money isn’t a thing, never seen without Daddy’s Amex, luxury is the norm.

Pros: When feeling generous, you can reap some serious benefits!

Cons: Bottle service isn’t cheap.

When traveling with a “Ballin’ Without A Budget” Traveler, don’t even think about staying in a hostel or run-of-the-mill hotel. If it doesn’t have five stars, forget about it! First class isn’t a luxury for them, it’s life. Some of the best trips can be inspired by these people, but be careful not to get sucked’s a slippery slope.

5) The "Hipster" Traveler

We aren’t talking about lumberjack style and an ironic mentality. Hipster travelers are the Christopher Columbus of modern travel. If they’ve heard of it, it’s not for them.

Creative Commons / flickr:Charlie Warhol

Creative Commons / flickr:Charlie Warhol

Favorite Phrase(s): “Popular spots? What are we tourists?” “Nah, too many reviews”.

Traits: Loathes doing tourist activities, loves trying local foods, spots, and activities, challenges the team to step outside comfort zone.

Pros: Best chance of finding the life changing experiences no one has heard of.

Cons: A simple task, like finding a cup of coffee, just turned into a project.

These “so hip, so modern” travelers care about culture and experience instead of defaulting to the generic “Top 10 Things to Do” lists. They take the more fulfilling route than doing the stereotypical “Times Square type” visit. These high risk, high reward pioneers are willing to take a chance on the path less traveled to get the most out of their trips.

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If you didn't find yourself in any of these travel stereotypes stayed tuned for next weeks!