Native Highlight: Boston Brunch Guide

Native Highlight: Boston Brunch Guide

Brunch is much more than just an excuse to sleep in or have your pick of breakfast and lunch food. What started as a funny play on words has turned into one of the best ways to experience a city's culture and create memories with others. Brunch has evolved into the staple of the weekend.

We were fortunate to get an inside look at the passions that drive Danielle, the mastermind behind Boston's famous Boston Brunch Guide (@bostonbrunchguide). She has transformed the account from a passion project, to one of the best ways to find amazing brunch spots in Boston. Boston's brunch scene is exploding right now, and Boston Brunch Guide has the insider info you need!

Read on for a behind the scenes look at these Instagram food bloggers and find out about Danielle's favorite spots!

The Inspiration Behind The Account

I grew up loving food, and have and always will be that person who plans their day around breakfast (or brunch if it is a lucky day), lunch, and dinner. It is my favorite way to travel and experience a new city, and is usually the first thing I research when I have a trip planned— sometimes I even know where I’m going to eat before I have a place to stay!

From day one, Danielle had an intense passion for food. Her curiosity has given her a platform to exploring an area through discovering different dishes. What started as a way to share an amazing brunch experience has blossumed into a way to help people discover amazing brunch and help local restaurants get the recognition they deserve by focusing on amazing photography to tell their story. She uses it as a driver for learning about new places and getting a deeper understanding of what makes the food scene so great!

My 2018 resolution: drink more Bloody Mary’s 🍅 #bostonbrunchguide

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The Boston Food Scene

One of the things I love about Boston is that it feels a bit less pretentious than the food scenes in other large cities— and I don’t mean that in a way to shade other cities— it just feels so much more accessible.

Danielle is a 10 year expert in the Boston food scene and told us that she loved to watch the incredible transformation Boston has seen in their food scene. She attributed it's rise to the innovation and uniqueness of new restaurants that have cemented their footprint in Boston. She joked that although their lobster rolls and clam chowder obviously is the still the best, Boston has emerged as a city full of other incredible options.  

We definitely know what she means when she says "less pretnetious". There is something about the restaurants in Boston that have such a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.


I am 27-going-on-97 and would choose a night of board games and wine over going out to a club any day. That being said, I do enjoy a good Sunday Funday (as long as I’m in bed by 9pm of course). I have a seemingly never satisfied sweet-tooth and doughnuts are my go-to comfort food— especially Blackbird Doughnuts. There are only three foods I don’t like: tomatoes, kale, and egg yolks. I am working on liking egg yolks— it is one of my resolutions this year and so far it is getting better.

Not liking egg yolks as an expert bruncher is a feat in it's own! It's great to see Danielle jumping outside her comfort zone. We see very often that food is a great way to realize your comfort zone is much bigger than you think; often times, you go back and question why you ever were scared in the first place!

As for donuts, they may be the universal food in that we haven't met anyone that doesn't enjoy donuts and Blackbird has definitely figured out how to do it right!

Expressing creativity

I work in finance full time, so my day job is the polar opposite of my weekend job. I love working on @bostonbrunchguide because I get to be creative through photography, recipe development, and writing (having an excuse to go to brunch every week doesn’t hurt either!).

Instagram has made it so much easier to express your creativity and share that passion with others. Finance tends to be less creative, so Danielle turned to Instagram to share her love of photography, recipe development, and writing with others as a way to express that creativity. She hopes through @bostonbrunchguide, she can inspire others to show their creativity too!

Careful what you sign up for!

My most embarrassing food related story happened when I was living in India. I thought I liked spicy food, but I was not ready for the level of spice that street vendors can throw at you. I was trying Pav Bhaji and asked for the spicy version— by the end I definitely had tears streaming down my face and my new friends were doubled over laughing. I opted for not spicy from that point forward!

Why You Need To Follow @bostonbrunchguide Right Now

I love finding unique menu items— most recently I featured the boozy doughnuts at the newly opened The Broadway in Southie (Yes— boozy DOUGHNUTS!). I truly love connecting with my followers— I’ve had so many recommendation requests, but my favorite has to be the boyfriend looking for a unique place to take his girlfriend for a special Valentine’s day Brunch.

The easy answer is to find the top new (and old) brunch spots around Boston. She does the hard work of seeking out and researching new dishes and sharing the ones that are truly great!

The longer answer is that Danielle's goal is to attach emotion and purpose in each on of her posts. She understands the power food has to bring people together in a positive way, and wants to create a community of brunch lovers that can interact and share amazing experiences with each other. (If that sounds like you, she would love to connect @bostonbrunchguide). 

Side note— can Valentine’s Day brunch become the norm instead of an overpriced dinner??

(On a side note) Valentine's Day is coming up. Danielle is an advocate for VDay Brunch, and we couldn't be more on board!:

Boston Brunch Guide's Top Spots

1) Blackbird Doughnuts

492 Tremont St, Boston, MA 0211

Pro Tip: 

Make sure you try one of the unique flavors in addition to their classic ones. I have never gone here and gotten just ONE doughnut-- a seasonal flavor always draws me in.


2) Lincoln Tavern

425 W Broadway, South Boston, MA 0212

Pro Tip:

Three words: Brunch Test Kitchen. Every Friday, Lincoln creates new dishes to test out for their brunch menu. They usually always have crazy pancakes and other things you can only get that day.


3) Lucky's Lounge

355 Congress St, Boston, MA 0221

Pro Tip 

Lucky's has Sinatra Sundays, so you get great food and live music. Try the one take charlie, which is a huge bowl of tatertots topped with bacon, cheese, and other amazing things!


4) Mamaleh's

One Kendall Square, 15 Hampshire St., Cambridge, MA 0213


Forever dreaming of this bialy and everything that came with it from @mamalehs 🤗

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Pro Tip

If you're craving comfort food, this is the place to go. It'll be hard to choose between latkes, milkshakes, and bagels, so just do what I do and order everything.


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