5 Trending Boston Area Neighborhoods Perfect For 20 Somethings

Boston is one of those cities where you can find awesome things to do no matter what neighborhood you are in. It is the perfect city for the young professional with 34% of the city aged 20-34. With the rising cost of living, people are moving away from the traditional hotspots. Because of this, people visiting are reaping the benefits of cool restaurants and bars popping up all over the place.

1) Fenway/Kenmore

Beside the obvious reasons of heading here if you are a sports fan, Fenway has some pretty epic restaurants and bars. 

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Eat: If you are looking for a pick me up, head to Pavement Coffee for a boost or Neighborhood's Coffee and Crepes. If you are feeling breakfast, head to Thorton's Fenway Grill for some quick brunch. For lunch, Island Creek Oyster Bar will have you shucking for days. You can't go wrong with Tasty Burger or El Pelon Taqueria.

Play: Craft Beer Cellar Fenway has the best beer selection in the area. You should obviously go to a Sox game if you have time. If you don't, you can hit Bleacher Bar, but it get's pretty crowded. At night, you are going to want to stick with sports bars like Cask N Flagan and Yard House. If you are looking for solid brews, Boston Beer Works is a great choice.

2) East Boston

With East Boston being so close to all the action, it is pretty obvious that it is becoming a hot spot for young professionals. 

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Eat: East Boston isn't known for their breakfast hot spots with it being so close to the downtown action, but if authentic Mexican is your cup of tea, look no further than Angela's Cafe. For lunch, you have to go to Santarpio's Pizza, it's fire. Don't sleep on it.

Play: Downeast Cider House is a great way to enjoy the fall weather on the weekend. Kelley's Square Pub is your go-to place if you are looking to tie one on. Another gem is Café Gigú.

3) Allston/ Brighton

Even though rent is skyrocketing here, 20 somethings are flocking to here because it's cheaper than downtown and the food scene is solid. 


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Eat: There are so many places that it's tough to limit them down. Lone Star Taco Bar is a top brunch place which has manageable wait times (something very rare for Boston Brunch). Some of our other favorite brunch places are Tavern In The Square, @Union, and Lulu's. For lunch or dinner, try out Roast Beast or Deep Ellum.

Play: If you want to avoid the college bars, head to Silhouette Lounge. It even has free popcorn! Other great options are Common Ground (if you are into craft beers and catching the games), Model Cafe (if you are into the hipster vibe), and Great Scott (if you are looking for some live music).

4) Jamaica Plain

Jamaica Plain has seen in influx of community projects that have really upped the nightlife scene and have caught the attention of 20 somethings looking to get a Boston feel without the high rent prices. 

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Eat: For breakfast, you can't go wrong with Canary Square which prides itself on its reclaimed wood and a killer brunch. Oh, and their bar opens at 10:30am on the weekend... Other solid options are Centre Street Cafe and Sorella's.

Play: The main street for nightlife is Centre Street. You can't go wrong with the bars lined up. We like Brendan Behan Pub because you can bring your pup in. You might as well hit the Sam Adams Brewery tour while you are here too. Doyle's Cafe is a great change up if you are into a huge beer selection.

 5) Charlestown

Despite popular belief thanks to The Town, Charlestown attracts more people than just a bunch of bank robbers. It is starting to be a hotspot for going out around Boston. It might be best to look away if you see someone in a Nun mask though.

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Eat: Boston doesn't have bottomless brunch, but Brewer's Fork has a great boozy brunch deal. The Warren Tavern is one of the oldest bars in the country for all you history nuts. You can't go wrong with hitting either Olives or Tangierino.

Play: If rooftop bars are your thing, Pier 6 will do the trick. Flagship Warf has some cool views also. Brewer's Fork also has an awesome beer garden for you to throw a few back with friends. You can also hit the Navy Yard Bistro & Wine Bar if Wine is more your thing. 


6) Cambridge

We decided to put Cambridge on the list because well, it is always trending for young professionals. Despite the cost of living being absolutely ridiculous, 20 somethings are still flocking to the area. We don't blame them though, it has some awesome things to do. 

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Eat: The brunch spot in Cambridge is Russel House Tavern, but be careful because it can get flooded with Harvard Students. Felipe's Taqueria is the place to go for some authentic Mexican bites. They move the line so quickly that the wait isn't too bad. 

Play: Hitting the rooftops at night is always a good choice. Our favorite is Daedalus. Take some friend to Cambridge Brewing Company for a quality good time. If you want to get a sweat on, take a quick Uber to Brooklyn Boulders in Somerville.

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