Native Highlight: Munching Through Boston Reveals Their Favorite Spots

Native Highlight: Munching Through Boston

There are some solid power couples out there. There's Kim and Kanye, Queen B and Jay-Z, and Boston's own Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen. But there's another super couple you should know about (especially if you live in Boston). That super couple is Marcela and Cameron, the genius duo behind Munching Through Boston (@munchingthroughboston). They go above and beyond, offering you not only pictures of amazing dishes, but also taking you on a cultural immersion along the way. There is not a single doubt that they're food-obsessed, and their account is the key to unlocking some of the best and unique dishes in the city of Boston!

Read on for a behind the scenes look at these Instagram food bloggers and find out about Marcela's and Cameron's favorite spots!

The Inspiration Behind The Account

As soon as we’re done eating breakfast, we’re already thinking about where we’re going for lunch. We love experiencing new cultures, and our favorite way to do so is by eating their food! For us, eating and having culinary experiences is a way for us to travel to new places while still being in the comfort of Boston.

We mentioned before that they were food obsessed, and we weren't kidding. They have a strong commitment to finding the best spots in Boston and pride themselves on sharing with the world! 

For them, each dish tells a story, a look inside the history of not only the restaurant, but also the culture that dish was built on. They see finding new food as a journey and a way to experience the world without leaving the great city of Boston.

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The Boston Food Scene

For such a small city, it has so much variety and diversity in terms of food. Chinese, Ethiopian, Indian, Puerto Rican - you name it, and Boston has it.

Marcela and Cameron were quick to call Boston a "hidden gem" when it comes to the cities with epic food scenes. They said that it doesn't get enough credit for the wide range of food that the city has spread throughout. We couldn't agree more! 

It's so true, Boston is one of those cities that can be sensory overload. It has so many choices that your head might explode just trying to make a decision. What you need to do is give @munchingthroughboston a follow and use NativX to knock down your plans 😉


United By Food

Marcela is actually both vegetarian and gluten-free (she is gluten-intolerant) so it’s been both challenging and rewarding for us to seek out new places that have options for both of us. We both have very diverse backgrounds also - Marcela is 100% Brazilian, and Cameron is 50% Norwegian and 50% Indian. We think our love for food comes from our different backgrounds.

We love this about them! They come from different backgrounds, but are united through their love of food and discovering new dishes to try. It creates an openness to try new foods and reach outside their comfort zones in the quest to discover the best food in Boston.

It's also amazing to see that the couple made it their goal to do the hard work of finding places that fit their diet while helping others that have that similar struggle. 

Why You Need To Follow @munchingthroughboston Right Now

We ONLY showcase places that we absolutely love. If we didn’t have a good time, we’ll tell you through our Instagram story or through some other measure, but we will only post about restaurants and venues that have truly blown us away.


If you follow Munching Through Boston, you are going to get the honest truth about the food they post. In a world where so many accounts game the system to show only posts that will lead to more followers and likes, Marcela and Cameron pride them selves on being authentic. 

And as a bonus, they also love to cook! If you are passing on going out to cook your own meal, you definitely need to give @munchingthroughboston a follow for some inspiration!


Munching Through Boston's Top Spots

1) Yvonne's

2 Winter Pl, Boston, MA 02108

Pro Tip: 

Yvonne's looks like it was taken right out of The Great Gatsby! A prohibition-era style speakeasy with incredible food and even better drinks! Get the Chicken & Quinoa Meatballs and the Chai Mule!


2) Orinoco: A Latin Kitchen

477 Shawmut Ave, Boston, MA 02118

Pro Tip:

Literally anything you get here will be amazing - we love the sugarcane salmon and the empanadas!


3) Loco Taqueria

412 W Broadway, Boston, MA 02127

Pro Tip 

Make a reservation! Especially if you're coming for Taco Tuesday... and you'll DEFINITELY want to come for Taco Tuesday.


4) Coppa

253 Shawmut Ave, Boston, MA 02118

Pro Tip

Get the bolognese. And pizza. Always get the pizza.


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