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My Story

Born and raised in Delaware, Philadelphia was the closest BIG city. A quick 20 minute on I95 North opened my eyes to adventures and experiences. As a teenager hanging on South street was the highlights of our summer. I love the tri-state area, but Philly has the most vibrant and diverse mix of culture, food, and nightlife.
When I moved a few years ago, I goggled coffeehouses in Philadelphia and began making my way through the lengthy list.
I decided to share my experiences with other coffee enthusiasts or anyone looking for a cool spot to hang, meet friends, read a book, and grab a hot cup of java. The list has changed, and some businesses are no longer operating, but this has been a great challenge and adventure. The list continues. Be well and drink coffee!


I love consuming coffee. Lots of it. People watching is my favorite pastime. Spending my weekends in the local spots allows me to get the proper proportions of both.
When I’m not drinking coffee I enjoy traveling, running, exercise, and reading.

Nova's Top Spots

Cafe Ole


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There is an awesome musical soundtrack played here in addition to the free WiFi. Toward the back of the house there is open air seating. Local art adorns the walls and is available for purchase. I enjoyed a double espresso during my stay here.


Square One Coffee

square one.jpg

What you need to know:

What I like most about this place is the airy and openness of the “house”.
There are multiple choices for seating from picnic style tables for studying, sofas for lounging and banquets for you and maybe a few friends.
For novice drinkers the menu board is both informative and simple: coffee, coffee + milk, or not coffee.
I enjoyed my stay here.

Amalgam Comics and Coffeehouse


What you need to know:

If comics are your thing, then your search will end here. This place is very artsy and cool.
I love the decor that incorporates primary colors for the super-comfy seating area. It’s easy to get sucked right into the vortex of amazing comic characters.

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