Native Highlight: @EatDrinknRepeat's Top Spots in Denver

Native Highlight: @eatdrinknrepeat

It's not often that you get to link up with such a dynamite couple like Kay and Vinay, the masterminds behind one of the top Instagram foodie accounts in Denver. EatDrinkNRepeat (@eatdrinknrepeat) dives into the growing food and drink scene to find you the hottest spots in Denver. Having grown up most of their lives in Colorado, the two have seen the huge growth spurt Denver experienced and are deep in the know when it comes to new restaurant openings or new menu items. If there is a new restaurant opening up, chances are EatDrinkNRepeat has already checked it out!

We highlighted the story of how their passion for finding the best food and drinks led to starting @eatdrinknrepeat. We're giving you the inside scoop on their tops spots in Denver!

The inspiration behind the account

We love exploring new places and trying new food. We would always be the first ones to rave about that new restaurant opening or travelling to other cities just for the food. Soon, we became the “go to” people for restaurant and travel recommendations and then it sort of clicked! Why don’t we start a blog where we can share our love for food, drink and travel with the world?!

Some things you're just born with, and Kay and Vinay were born with the passion and natural ability to find incredible food and an even better ability to display it aesthetically. I mean, just look at this picture!

So starting a blog where they could share their love of experiencing a city with others seemed like a natural fit.  











What got you so hooked on the Denver food scene?

Denver has become a fast growing and go to place for many people around the nation. It could be due to the legalization of marijuana, the large amount of startup companies or just the incredible outdoors that Colorado has to offer. Because of this, one thing is for sure, Denver has attracted some of the greatest creators of food and we couldn’t be happier with the creativity and deliciousness that has started to bloom in and around the city.

What's so great about cities like Denver is that they have so much room for creativity as they grow. The combination that Kay and Vinay mentioned is the "perfect storm" to breed creative and unique culture. It's a great point that the creativity stems from the creators that are being attracted to everything Denver has to offer - which is a lot!

Cereal conniaseurs 

We are obsessed with cereal infused dessert and all things with Hot Cheetos in it!

For all those out there that enjoy cereal, @eatdrinknrepeat is a must follow. Denver is pretty resourceful when it comes to ingredients in their food, and they don't shy away from utilizing the vast variaties of cereal. The [recently engaged in front of Mount Fuji] couple is on a mission to find the best uses of cereal [or snacks] in creative dishes. 

Ice cream in the winter?

Kay likes to eat ice cream more in the winter season than summer. She likes to walk to the closest grocery store, get a pint of ice cream with a spoon and eats it on her walk home. Yes in the freezing cold.

Kay is what we call a revolutionary. She is leading the way, creating a movement to consume ice cream during any season, and we couldn't be more on board! You have to respect the commitment to excellence she has.

Vinay has recently found his love for videography and it is his goal to post more video content on the blog!

If you head on over to @eatdrinknrepeat, you'll notice the professional grade photos and videos. Most just see the end result, but it's amazing how much time and effort goes into each photo and video they post. Vinay definitely has a gift because those videos are top notch!

Why you need to follow @eatdrinknrepeat right now

We are hitting up all of the newest and hottest places in Denver! But we are not just in Denver, we are travelling all over the world to find the best restaurants, bars and hidden gems! We have so many trips planned just for this year and we cannot wait to share our findings with our current and future followers! The best part? We are never afraid to try new things so it’ll never get boring in the EatDrinkNRepeat world!


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EatDrinkNRepeat's Favorite Spots

1) Birdcall

5147, 800 E 26th Ave, Denver, CO 8020

Pro Tip: 

It’s a cool futurist concept where you order at a kiosk! Get the Nashville Extra Hot Fried Chicken Sandwhich.


2) Carbon Cafe & Bar

1553 Platte St #130, Denver, CO 8020

Pro Tip:

Their fried chicken and waffle is the best we’ve had in town! It’s flavorful, juicy and crispy all at the same time. Go next door and get a boozy donut!


3) Kazan Ramen Bistro

3901 Tennyson St, Denver, CO 8021

Pro Tip 

Denver’s newest Ramen joint straight from Osaka, Japan. Try their volcano ramen for an awesome experience.


4) 54thirty

1475 California St, Denver, CO 8020

Pro Tip

Located on the 20th floor of Le Meridien Hotel, named after the elevation at which it sits, 54thirty is the highest open rooftop bar in Denver! It has fire pits, panoramic views and solid drinks!

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