Native Highlight: Lindsey Eats LA's Top Spots

Native Highlight: @LindseyEatsLA

We had the pleasure of talking to Lindsey Baruch, the personality running the popular Instagram account @lindseyeatsla. She understands the power of relationships and has made it her mission to connect with others that share her passion for the LA food scene. She shows this through Lindsey Eats LA as well as her blog which is packed with expert reviews, unique recipes, and awesome inspiration.

We talked about the inspiration behind starting @lindseyeatsla and are giving you the inside scoop on her tops spots in LA!

The inspiration behind the account

I really loved photography, so it was also a way to share my passion for photography intertwined with sharing restaurants to go eat out. From there, I just kept sharing photos of where I went to, shared recipes and then eventually, my account started to grow and I found this amazing food community!

Since high school, Lindsey had a drive to share her passions with others. That passion led her to start a recipe blog aimed to share her favorite meals and display her natural photography skills. As high school came to a close, she made a transition most of us have experienced; she started eating out a lot more. She loved the thrill she got from finding a new, undiscovered spot and Instagram was her platform to find it. 

One day as she was scrolling through her personal Instagram, she realized that photos of food had most of the real estate on her profile so it was an easy transition to starting @lindseyeatsla

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The drive to inspire

... I wanted to share with people that they can live a life with purpose and with passion. My account is filled with food and recipes, but at the core of that, it’s portraying that I had a passion and a love for something and made it into a career. I want to inspire everyone to follow their passions and dreams or just try something new even if that’s just a restaurant, or to follow up on a hobby they wanted to start that they’ve been putting off, anything! It’s a mean of expression and creativity that I hope by me sharing my passions with the world, others can share theirs too!

As @lindseyeatsla gained in popularity, Lindsey saw an opportunity to do more than just connect people to restaurants. She wanted to tell her story and inspire others to strive towards what they're passionate about. We really like where she talked about getting outside your comfort zone, even if it's as small as trying a new restaurant. She has been inspired by others to pursue her passions, and hopes she can have that same impact on others. 

What got you so hooked on the LA food scene?

It has every flavor imaginable and all the restaurants that specialize in that cuisine, do it so well, sometimes even better than the actual countries themselves. There is something for everyone here and there is just so much culture. If I want Korean, I can go to Koreatown. If I want NY pizza, theres a place for that. If I’m craving pad Thai, I can go to Night and Market.

This is a common trend with our Natives. LA differentiates itself from other food scenes in the pure diversity it offers. Similar to LA as a whole, the food scene has pockets of food that suites anyone's taste buds.

It is also why Natives like Lindsey are so important to experiencing on a deeper level. They are committed to helping you find the hottest new restaurants and things to do around LA, and we're committed to connecting you with them!

Making chips?

One of the “snacks” I picked up from my mom is this really weird concoction, I call it “making chips”... So you take barbecue Pringles or nacho cheese baked Doritos, it really only works with those two. And you smash them into crumbs, but big crumbs not in a powdery form. Then you put on Salsa Brava, or a thick hot sauce. I’ve tried a bunch of different thicker hot sauces, and I overall prefer this one. So put on Salva Brava, Tabasco, Tapatio and any other hot sauce you can find in your house. Then add a little bit of lemon juice and pepper. Mix up and enjoy with a fork! A weird snack but I swear by it, it’s so good. Doesn’t look that good though. :)

As we saw earlier, Lindsey started out with a passion for creating recipes. She isn't just about showing you awesome pictures of dishes, she also can give you unique snacks and creative ideas to try when cooking.

So... we don't know what it looks like, but if those are the ingredients and it has Lindsey's approval, we're all in on "Making Chips".

Why you need to follow @lindseyeatsla right now

I keep my content positive, bright and fun. The accounts that I’m inspired by and look up to, they keep me going on a bad day, they motivate me to move forward and thats exactly what I want my Instagram page to be as well. A place where people can go look to for positivity and inspiration.

We love this part of the interview because it gives us a deeper understanding of the people behind the accounts. Natives have awesome stories to tell that you sometimes can't get just through the pictures they post. On top of having a well rounded collection of mouthwatering photos, Lindsey is motivated by the food community on Instagram and wants to pass that forward to other. She has seen how the community can rally around a passion for food, and she's motivated to inspire others through her journey.

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The top spots from @lindseyeatsla

1) Shunji

12244 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

Pro Tip: 

One of the best sushi places in LA. Has a great lunch omakase!


2) Century City

10250 California State Route 2, Los Angeles, CA 9006

Pro Tip:

I love the new Century City Mall! it has everything. Grab some Pressed Juicery and walk around Zara!


3) Culver City Stairs

6300 Hetzler Rd, Culver City, CA 9023

Pro Tip 

Great place to go for a quick hike and amazing workout where you won't need to drive super far or look hard for parking.


4) Daikokuya

2208 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 9006

Pro Tip

Get the combination with the spicy ramen and shredded pork bowl.

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