Brenden Coleman          Co-Founder & CEO

        Brenden Coleman 

        Co-Founder & CEO

          Austin Cinalli       Co-Founder & COO

          Austin Cinalli

      Co-Founder & COO

          Sean Coleman         Co-Founder & CTO

          Sean Coleman

        Co-Founder & CTO

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The founders, Brenden, Austin & Sean, are avid travelers who started NativX because they wanted the best way to get the true "local experience" of any area. Inspired by a once in a lifetime trip, that would not have been possible without suggestions from a friend living in the area, the NativX team decided it was time everyone had the opportunity to find the hidden gems of their travel destinations!


Our team is a high energy group that recognizes travel starts with the community. By allowing travelers to explore like a local, NativX aims to give the mom and pop shops the recognition they deserve.