NativX's 2017 Top Restaurants, Brunches, And Bars List

NativX's Top Spots of 2017 List


New Years Eve 2017 is coming up quick and if you are like most, you've procrastinated a little more than you wanted. We wanted to help out by putting together a guide to some of the most popular places on NativX so you can knock down plans and have an epic New Years Eve celebration. 

Boozy Brunch

Bottomless Brunch and NYC go hand in hand. It seems like there are 1000s of places in NYC to get the afternoon drunk going. We compiled the trending places on NativX.

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     The Boozy Brunch Spots List

  • Agave
  • Poco
  • Tartine
  • The Flying Cock
  • Vamos! NYC
  • Three Of Cups
  • Pardon My French
  • Queen's Comfort
  • Mezetto

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Rooftop Bars

There's nothing better than ringing in the new year on top of the world. Well, not exactly on top of the world, but you get the point. We compiled the most saved NYC Rooftops on NativX to give you some inspiration.

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     The Rooftop Bars List

  • Pod 39
  • Northern Territory Rooftop
  • Lucy's Catina
  • Berry Park
  • Haven
  • IDES Rooftop
  • Westlight Rooftop
  • Loreley Beer Garden
  • Beer Authority NYC

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Beer Gardens

It doesn't matter if it's cold, if you're in for a beer garden, NYC has got your back. Beer Gardens are a great way to gather the crew, crush some brews, and have a hell of a time all day. 

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     The Beer Garden List

  • Mission Dolores
  • Threes Brewing
  • The Biergarten @ The Standard
  • Greenwood Park
  • Loreley Beer Garden
  • Treadwell Park
  • Zum Schneider

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NYC Native Favorites

The NYC Natives on NativX know their stuff! Whether they're food bloggers, Instagram heroes, or just connoisseurs of the NYC food and drink scene, one thing is for sure: they sure know their stuff. We grabbed the most saved Native places and tips from the app.

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