Native Highlight: @letsgababoutfood gives us the inside scoop on her favorite NYC spots

Native Highlight: @letsgababoutfood

We had an amazing interview with an individual that's full of personality! Gabrielle "Gab" Aaron is the owner of the amazing Instagram account, Let's Gab About Food (@letsgababoutfood). After hearing her answers to our questions, it completely made sense why she's a legend in the NYC food and drink community. She has an amazing sense of humor, loves making fun of herself, and has an unbelievable gift for discovering the best food in NYC.

Check out the behind the scenes of an Instagram food blogger and find out Gab's favorite spots for the new year!

The Inspiration Behind The Account

I started posting food pictures on my personal Instagram - until my mom told me to stop posting food and start posting myself. She wanted to see pictures of me not what was making me fat hah.

Let's Gab About Food started how a lot of brilliant ideas started: being bored in class, looking for anything to do other than learn about what the professor's teaching. Gab went to school in St. Louis before moving out to NYC. During class, she decided to create a website called LetsGabAboutIt and the rest is history.

We found it hilarious that a driving factor in the creation of @letsgababoutfood was her own mom wanted to see more pictures of her daughter instead of all the food pictures she posted (Thanks Mom!). Luckily for us, that inspired Gabrielle to create an account specifically for the awesome food she was eating. 

Why the NYC food scene?

Many of these restaurants don’t stay long- why? Because if word doesn’t get out over social media you’re basically a sitting duck. I think social media, like food accounts on instagram and blogs, drive most of the traffic to new restaurants. I love that if I really wanted to- I could go to a new restaurant for every meal every day of the year. It’s no hidden secret that NYC is over saturated with restaurants which makes it incredibly convenient to jump from restaurant to restaurant. 

This was a very interesting point she made about social media giving new restaurants a fighting chance. These Instagram food accounts and blogs can show amazing mom and pop shops to thousands, even millions, of people. Whcih is great, since most don't have the resources to do on their own. Accounts like Let's Gab About Food help you experience a city on a deeper level, the exact mission we have at NativX!

Allergic To What?!

I am allergic to garlic. I am a relatively picky and simple eater, but I LOVE EATING (my allergy makes it tough though) 

A hardcore foodie that's allergic to garlic? That has to be some sort of an oxymoron... But that garlic allergy doesn't stop her from finding some of the best dessert places or "garlic-free" dishes - which judging by how frequently she posts, there are a lot of them!

Caught in the act

I think my most embarrassing moments would be when I try to take pictures of other people’s food, like the table next to mine, and the flash goes off! iphones automatic flash is so testy! 

iPhones are tricky sometimes. One minute you're sneakily trying to snap a pic of someone else's meal. The next minute, the flash goes off, they look at you like you're some crazy person, and you have to try to explain yourself outta a bind. 

The occasional embarrassment is the sacrifice you have to make if you want to run an NYC Foodstagram Empire like Gab's. We admire the commitment to getting those mouthwatering food pics we love.

Why you need to follow @letsgababoutfood

I’m really genuine with my posts. I realize that if I post all fattening- delicious, overly saturated photos I will get more followers. That food is drool worthy, but I think my approach is to guide my followers to restaurants and recipes that I actually recommend. I have a new NYC hit list that I am going to try to accomplish in the next two months or so! Follow along! I also would love for more people to share their experiences so that my page becomes more of a collaboration of good restaurant recommendations! I cannot attend all restaurants so i would like to become more reliant on DMs. So follow and share! I recently did whole30 and it has been really fun seeing 50+ followers try the diet and ask for advice!


Reason #1 to follow her: She wants to make it a collaboration. Her goal is to involve you in her Hit List (see the list below), diets, posts, and overall journey. You're getting an experience by following along - as opposed to just the #foodporn. She also let us know that she'd rather eat two desserts than a main course any day, so for those that have a sweet tooth, @letsgababoutfood is a must follow.

Letsgababoutfood's Top Spots

1) Cote

16 W 22nd St, New York, NY 10010

Pro Tip: 

Go big or go home! Get the Butchers Feast and save a little space for the ice cream YUM!


2) Sadelles

463 W Broadway, New York, NY 10012

Pro Tip:

I swear it's not overrated! Get the fried French Toast or the salad. You can't go wrong.


3) Mike and Dave

120 Macdougal St, New York, NY 10012

Pro Tip 

Don't knock it 'til you tried it. Frozen fruit made into soft serve, but mixed like they do at KITH. Actually healthy and delicious!


4) Breads Bakery

18 E 16th St, New York, NY 10003

Pro Tip

Get the Babka, leave it for a few days, once it gets stale make french toast!

5) Shuka

38 Macdougal St, New York, NY 10012

Pro Tip:

Feta dip! Actually eat the pita you won’t be sorry.


6) scampi

30 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011

Pro Tip:

You must get the shrimp scampi! And try a cocktail they’re all really great!

Weren't satisfied with only 6 Spots?

Here's Gab's Hit List of restaurants she's heading to:

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