Native Highlight: Brunch Boys Lays Down Top Places In NYC

Native Highlight: Brunch Boys

Jeremy Jacobowitz knows food, there's no doubt about that. The genius behind the popular Instagram account Brunch Boys (@brunchboys) has been building an empire in the NYC food scene. A food TV producer by trade, Jeremy has always had a passion for food and showcasing the awesome cuisine in the best city in the world. He's had experience as Bobby Flay's assistant and producing for networks like the Food Network, the Cooking Channel, and more top name networks (what a resume).  On top of that, Jeremy was also named one of NYC's Most Eligible Bachelors. What doesn't this guy do?

This was a really unique interview because Jeremy took us behind the scenes with what it takes to operate such a powerful account like Brunch Boys. Jeremy pours an incredible amount of work into each post to make sure he gives you the best possible experience. You can check the Brunch Boys out on their social media or subscribe to the Youtube channel.

Check out the behind the scenes of an Instagram food blogger and find out the Brunch Boy's favorite spots!

The Inspiration Behind The Account

There is no better food scene in the world! And working as a food tv producer just made me even more passionate about it, and sharing all the amazing food I was eating with everyone. While my account focuses on NYC, I love sharing food about everywhere I travel.

Jeremy could easily just stick to producing, but he wants to share his passion with the world. And that passion is Brunch. Brunch Boys was created bring the incredible brunch options in NYC directly to you. Jeremy put his food expertise to good use, and the product is an Instagram account that delivers high quality pics and vids of the top brunch places in NYC (and around the world)!


Running An Instagram Food Account

While a shoot might take an hour, its countless hours editing all those photos and videos, and then all the work that just goes into running a business. It’s a 24/7 job.

We loved hearing about all the work that goes on behind the post. Most of us think influencers like Jeremy just go out to eat, take a picture, and post it. He let us know how that is just the tip of the iceberg. Shooting food and eating the food is such a small part of the whole process. The countless hours leading up to the post is the most rewarding (and the almost 500K followers can't hurt either). 

Why You Need To Follow @brunchboys Right This Second

If you want the best food photos and videos, and the best recommendations on where to eat (all over the world at this point) there is no other account to follow!


We love that confidence! What got us so excited is that Jeremy doesn't just stay in NYC. Although he 100% thinks NYC is king when it comes to awesome food, he makes sure to check out what other cities have to offer. Brunch Boys extends their reach in other cities ranging from LA to Nashville so this account is a great fit for anyone. 

You need to check out @brunchboys on Instagram.

The Top Spots For Brunch Boys


1) Gato

324 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012

Pro Tip: Don't be afraid to order everything, most of the dishes are meant to share.


2) Speedy Romeo

63 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002

Pro Tip: It might be more well known for their Pizzas, but its everything else that truly shines even more.

3) Sunday In Brooklyn

348 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Pro Tip If you are there for brunch, make sure you order the pancakes.


4) Flex Mussels

154 W 13th St, New York, NY 10011

Pro Tip: Yes, the mussels are amazing, but I LOVE their everything bagel savory donuts.


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