Native Highlight: Live To Eat NYC Gives Her Favorite Places In NYC

Native Highlight: Live To Eat NYC

We sat down with an amazing individual who's crushing the NYC food scene. Jen Walsdorf, the mastermind behind the Instagram account Live To Eat NYC (@livetoeatnyc), is someone that you should trust when it comes to food in New York. She has an insane passion for dining out and sharing that passion with her followers!

The Inspiration Behind The Account

When I was college I cooked a lot because I HATED the food on campus. I posted a few of my dishes on my personal Instagram and continued to do so when I moved to New York. One of my good friends suggested I make a handle dedicated to my creations and the rest is history!

The passion started in college out of desperation to avoid the food on campus. Does anyone actually enjoy campus food? It carried over to when she moved to New York. With a little thanks to Jen's friend (shout out Jen's friend!), she was inspired to explore the vast food options in NYC.

When we asked what got her so hooked, she actually attributed it to working the corporate 9-5 grind. She began trying out new restaurants, each one better than the last, making it easy to get hooked to the almost infinite cuisines in the city. 


Why You Need To Follow @livetoeatNYC Right This Second

I post real food that you can order at restaurants. I do not instagram a crazy dish just #forthegram. You may also occasionally see my puppy trying to share the dish with me :)


What we love so much about Live To Eat NYC is that a lot goes on behind the scenes for a meal to make the 'gram. Unlike most food accounts that source all their pictures from others, Jen makes sure to try all the dishes before posting to make sure she isn't leading her followers into a bad experience. 

It's a breath of fresh air to be able to relate to someone that genuinely has a passion for food and sharing that passion with her followers. As a bonus, Jen makes sure to include the pup, which makes the account that much better!

You need to check out @livetoeatNYC on Instagram.

The Top Spots For Live To Eat NYC


1) Acqua at Peck Slip

21 Peck Slip, New York, NY 10038

Pro Tip: It is a cozy atmosphere that reminds me of the time I lived in Italy.


2) Bombay Sandwich Co.

48 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001


@bombaysandwich is the only way I know how to do #meatlessmonday #vegetarian #nomeat #vegan #nongmo #kosher

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Pro Tip: An awesome lunch spot that has gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian option that leaves me feeling satisfied and #clean.


3) Virginia's

647 E 11th St, New York, NY 10009


Pro Tip Sit at the bar and order the bar burger. It is my favorite burger. Ever.


4) Lil Frankies

19 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10003

Pro Tip: Cash only Italian restaurant in the East Village. The quality of the food is apparent and it is a lively atmosphere!


5) Lilia New York

567 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Pro Tip: Plan ahead (like a month ahead) when dining at Lilia and make a reservation.

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