SantaCon NYC 2017 Bar Review: Complete List Of Bars In Route

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SantaCon NYC 2017 Bar Review: Complete List Of Bars In Route

SantaCon has absolutely erupted onto the NYC scene. If you've been living under a rock, it is when thousands of "Santas" storm the street crawling from bar to bar.

There are two types of people during SantaCon. For those who participate, it can be the best way to get you in the holiday spirit (not that you need much convincing). For those against the crawl, it can be the nightmare before Christmas.

It's complete madness during the event, so we put together a review of all the bars listed on the route to help you decide which ones to hit and which ones to skip!


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Starting Point: Post Office Steps

421 8th Ave, New York, NY 10001

SantaCon NYC 2017 Bars

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Jack Doyle's

240 W 35th St 

Zone: Midtown Description: DJ & Huge Rockig Bar!

NativX Pro Tip: They have great drink specials and it’s big enough for large groups. Which is perfect, since there are going to be thousands of Santa’s flowing in and out of the bar. On a normal weekend, it’s a great place to watch the games.

John Sullivans

210 W 35th St

Zone: Midtown Description: Bar and Pub Irish Fare

NativX Pro Tip: Just your classic Irish pub where you can get a quality selection of beers. It’s a little quieter than the bar down the street, but it has a more casual vibe. Let’s be clear though, there won’t be much “casual vibes” during SantaCon at any of these bars.

Lucy's Cantina

 34th & 8th Ave

Zone: Midtown Description: 3 Level Mexican Spot with a Roof View of the Start Point

NativX Pro Tip: Located close to Penn Station and MSG, this is a great place to stop in before heading out. It’s got one of those chill rooftops that doesn’t attract the “rooftop bar type” You know what we mean. They do beergaritas right, but you might be safer getting something a little less cold. The forecast is calling for snow…

Local 33

33rd & 8th Ave

Zone: Midtown Description: A roof deck with a view of the start point

NativX Pro Tip: The have great specials that include $4 Coors and $5 Sangria. Their roof deck is pretty tiny, but still awesome to chill with friends on. Who knows how packed it’ll get this Saturday though.

The Pennsy

33rd @ 7th Ave

Zone: Midtown Description: Longest Bar in the area with outdoor drinking & a full food hall

NativX Pro Tip: Known for the awesome food and being attached to the Penn, we anticipate they are going to put on a show for SantaCon. This could be a solid place to fill up. After all, it’s gonna be a long day. You might need more than just the carbs you’ll get from the beer.

Peter Dillons

2 E. 36th

Zone: Midtown Description: Happy Hour Specials in this hip spot

NativX Pro Tip: Their specials include $4 beers which is great. It’s a great bar for watching the games and getting an authentic irish experience. There’s no food but you can order in. We wouldn’t suggest that this weekend though.


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18 W 33rd St

Zone: Midtown Description: Irish pub featuring memorabilia, craft beers, bar bites & an old-school gents' loo.

NativX Pro Tip: They have some awesome baseball memorabilia hanging on the wall. This is definitely a great place for sports fans. Locals have told us this bar is a big Pittsburgh Penguins and St. Louis Cardinals bar.

Deweys Pub

135 W. 30th St

Zone: Midtown Description: Bar & grill featuring American eats, outdoor seating

NativX Pro Tip: Dewey’s Pub has some pretty amazing pub food that you need to check out. They have a modern feel on the traditional Pub so this is great for the more “sophisticated” sports fan.

Walters Bar

389 8th Ave

Zone: Midtown Description: DJs in this southern-flavored joint - craft beers & good food

NativX Pro Tip: It’s in a prime location, perfect for hitting before (or after) a concert, game or catching the train. Hit this bar for some inexpensive drinks.

Rick's Cabaret

50 W 33rd St

Zone: Midtown Description: Santa's Favorite Stripclub!
NativX Pro Tip: It's a strip club so we'll just leave it at that.

Beer Authority

300 W 40th St

Zone: Midtown Description: Tri-level brewpub with a covered rooftop bar featuring global craft beers & gourmet pub grub.

NativX Pro Tip: We are expecting Beer Authority to be pretty packed so make sure to plan it out. It has a massive beer selection, a lively environment, and the rooftop is on point (if you can score a table).

Playwright Irish Pub

27 W 35th St

Zone: Midtown Description: Irish pub/eatery near the Empire State Building.

NativX Pro Tip: This is your classic irish pub. Cheap beers, TVs to watch the game, and a lively group of regulars. Locals enjoy their comfy couches upstairs.

Mustang Harry's

352 7th Ave

Zone: Midtown Description: Sports bar near Madison Square Garden serving drinks & pub grub.

NativX Pro Tip: Another one of these great bars to watch sports with the crew. They went through a renovation earlier this year so it is looking fresh. They are one of those SantaCon regulars so they know how to handle the event.

The Hog Pit

37 W 26th St

Zone: Midtown Description: Roadhouse serving beer, BBQ & Southern fare

NativX Pro Tip: This joint serves up some really solid BBQ. As for the drink specials, this place has some great deals on PBR and shots so you don’t break the bank on your voyage.

Public House NYC

140 E 41st St

Zone: Midtown Description: Near Grand Central serving beers & pub-style

NativX Pro Tip: Public House has a welcoming environment that is great for watching the games on Sunday. They lowkey have an awesome playlist so props to the employees on the aux.

Blarney Rock

137 W 33rd St

Zone: Midtown Description: Irish pub with TV sports, pints of Guinness & American bar food

NativX Pro Tip: This list is full of Irish Bars and Blarney is another great one. Perfect for a stop on your way to MSG. It attracts all sports fans, especially ‘Cuse Fans.

The Liberty

29 W 35th St

Zone: Midtown Description: Craft cocktails & American fare, multi-level space with Old New York-inspired decor.

NativX Pro Tip: The Liberty is a little change of pace from the traditional Irish sports bars on the list. It’s an awesome place to grab a killer cocktail and watch the games. We are interested to see how it handles SantaCon this year.

Karaoke City

22 W. 32nd St 7th Floor

Zone: Midtown Description: Midtown's newest and largest Karaoke Lounge

NativX Pro Tip: The name is pretty self explanatory, but it’s the spot for yelling out your favorite sing alongs (probably a little off tune, but no one is judging). They may stop serving alcohol at 4am, but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to sing along.

Peter Dillons

130 E 40th St

Zone: Midtown Description: Neighborhood Irish pub with an all-weekend happy hour, a pool table

NativX Pro Tip: You might have thought this was a typo at first, but there are multiple locations.

American Whiskey

247 W 30th St

Zone: Midtown Description: Southern bourbon & burger bar with an upstairs lounge.

NativX Pro Tip: Good food, great whiskey. Try the whiskey flight, it’s awesome. This bar will be pretty crowded during SantaCon. It’s traditionally a UGA bar so they are used to a sea of red.

Nelly Spillane's

18 E 33rd St

Zone: Midtown Description: This is a classic pub with a menu of burgers & Irish fare.

NativX Pro Tip: Nelly Spillane’s is a local favorite (locals will probably avoid this one on Saturday). As a veteran to the SantaCon game, this pub will be able to handle the influx of Santas.


6 W 33rd St

Zone: Midtown Description: Sports tavern serving upscale pub food.

NativX Pro Tip: This is a great place to watch sports with a group. They kill it on showing soccer games and have a huge LSU following.

Suite 36

16 W. 36th St

Zone: Midtown Description: A sleek club Dance Club with a full Menu and Bar.

NativX Pro Tip: Suite 36 is a huge venue that is know for throwing parties. Great for happy hour, watching the games, or crushing it on the dance floor. It’ll be packed for SantaCon. Be prepared, it gets loud.

Reichenbach Beer Hall

5 W 37th St

Zone: Midtown Description: Hearty German eats & fine beers are served in a Bavarian publike setting.

NativX Pro Tip: Boots, Shot Skis, and Schnitzel at Reichenbach Hall. That’s all you really need to know.

Tempest Bar

407 8th Ave

Zone: Midtown Description: Pints, darts & sports are offered at this Irish hangout near Penn Station & Madison Square Garden.

NativX Pro Tip: Great place to pregame for concerts and games. This brings a rowdy crowd so prepare yourself.


133 W 33rd St

Zone: Midtown Description: Bi-level bar with long beer list (yes, many stouts) near Penn Station & Madison Square Garden.

NativX Pro Tip: Huge beer selection and tons of space will make this one of your favorite stops during Santacon! The location is great too with it being very close to MSG. People rave about the original Stout Burger.


131 W 33rd St

Zone: Midtown Description: A large beer list at this Irish pub near Penn Station.

NativX Pro Tip: Great Irish bar with super friendly staff and beer list to get you through Santacon. Traditionally a little more low key than some of the other bars nearby, but let’s be honest...that won’t be the case this weekend.


8 E 36th St

Zone: Midtown Description: Irish pub with Guinness on draft, fish & chips on the menu & plenty of drink deals.

NativX Pro Tip: Great stop for a shot and a beer. Come here to get your crew a sampler platter so you can keep going and show off your amazing santa costumes. On Friday’s they do a free shot with your first beer, so be sure to come back soon.

The Keg Room NYC

53 W 36th St

Zone: Midtown Description: Bar offering a full menu of American & Irish fare, an extensive beer list.

NativX Pro Tip: Tons of rooms, a lot of TVs, great beer list and Irish & American fare will make this a must stop on Saturday. If you have some football fans in your crew this could be a great spot to catch some of the Army vs. Navy game.

Rattle n' Hum

14 E 33rd St

Zone: Midtown Description: Craft beers (dozens of taps, 100-plus bottles) star at this bar.

NativX Pro Tip: Craft beer fans will love their ever changing beer list. Great for microbrews and cask ales. Some people call Rattle n’ Hum “Beer Heaven”!

The Australian

20 W 38th St

Zone: Midtown Description: Australian pub offering grilled kangaroo and Aussie beers!

NativX Pro Tip: Australia and Kansas State aren’t usually thought of in the same sentence, but that’s exactly what happens when this place is brought up. Considered to be the top Kansas State University bar in The Big Apple, The Australian is known to be packed with fans during Saturday’s in the fall. People rave about the relaxed vibes and the Aussie Nachos.

Brother Jimmy's

416 8th Ave

Zone: Midtown Description: Slick decor & craft cocktails to the usual mix of beer, pub grub.

NativX Pro Tip: They have some of the best fried pickles around. Locals have told us to try the “Swamp Water”, but we aren’t sure they are messing with us or not...

Taj II

48 W 21st St

Zone: Gramercy Description: DJs A two-floor cocktail lounge/Club

NativX Pro Tip: Take off those Santa Boots and strap on your dancing shoes when you head over to Taj II! An awesome lounge/club that will get the whole group on the dance floor letting loose!

The Storehouse

69 W 23rd St

Zone: Gramercy Description: N/A

NativX Pro Tip: What’s better than drinking beer out of a mason jar?! The answer is nothing. The Storehouse will be sure to have plenty stocked up for this year’s SantaCon.

Stone Creek Saloon

140 E. 27th St

Zone: Gramercy Description: N/A

NativX Pro Tip: A pretty basic bar, but that isn't always a bad thing. They are known for a helluva trivia night and attracts Cowboys fans. 

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5th and Mad

7 E. 36th St

Zone: E. Midtown Description: DJs at this Irish watering hole serving bar food standards

NativX Pro Tip: Great music, great bartenders and tons of space will make this place one of your favorite stops of the day!


560 3rd Ave

Zone: E. Midtown Description: N/A

NativX Pro Tip: They normally have a weekend boozy brunch that consists of $17 all you can drink. We aren't sure what they will put on for SantaCon.


242 E 10th St

Zone: East Village Description: Rock-N-Roll Santa Bar with great Tacos

NativX Pro Tip: You’ll love the live music and great vibes at Pinks! Doesn’t get much better than 2 for 1 beers during happy hour!

Coyote Ugly

153 1st Avenue

Zone: East Village Description: The famous NYC saloon with female bartenders, bartop dancing & body shots.

NativX Pro Tip: If you haven’t been to a Coyote Ugly (or at least heard of it) have you been living under a rock? With bartop dancing and tiny shorts you’ll be sure to remember it after Saturday.

Doc Holliday's

141 Ave A

Zone: East Village Description: Texas roadhouse-style bar in the East Village with biker bartenders & country music on the jukebox. LGBTQ Friendly.

NativX Pro Tip: For those of you who love a good dive bar you might want to post up here all day. Doc Holliday’s was built with the dive bar fanatic in mind and stays true to its roots.

Crocodile Lounge

325 E 14th St

Zone: East Village Description: East Vliiage Bar with Skee-Ball & a photo booth

NativX Pro Tip: Pizza, Skeeball, and we were going to keep going but we’re pretty sure we said enough in those two things to make you want to go. Oh yea, they serve beer along with those things so now you have no excuse at all to not hit Crocodile Lounge and show off those skeeball skills.

The Thirsty Scholar

155 2nd Ave

Zone: East Village Description: Rustic, cavernous tavern with an Irish-author theme & a beer-focused bar.

NativX Pro Tip: Saturday is going to be really cold and maybe a chance of snow. Warm up at The Thirsty Scholar with their Irish Coffee or Spiked Cider!


221 2nd Ave

Zone: East Village Description: Irish sports bar with a variety of tap beers.

NativX Pro Tip: 

A sports bar built with the Bay Area fan in mind. Great atmosphere during any San Francisco game. Even rival team’s fans admit this is a awesome place with super friendly people and the freedom to bring your own food.


118 E 15th St

Zone: East Village Description: Slick decor & craft cocktails with beer, pub grub

NativX Pro Tip: A sports bar done right. No crazy gimmicks or thrills, just the perfect mix of great drink selection, TVs, and an atmosphere that’ll make you want to come back for more.

The Continental

25 3rd Ave

Zone: East Village Description: East Village watering hole known for its cheap drinks & storied history as a punk-rocker hangout.

NativX Pro Tip: 5 shots of anything for $10...well you can’t beat that!! The Continental reminds us why deep down we all love a good dive bar.

Professor Thom's

219 2nd Ave

Zone: East Village Description: Great bar with upstairs lounge with antiquey decor.

NativX Pro Tip: Be warned, once you have the nachos here you won’t want to order them anywhere else.

Central Bar

109 E 9th St

Zone: East Village Description: Bi-level Irish barroom with pub grub.

NativX Pro Tip: Head upstairs for some fun late night dancing with your whole crew! What a great way to end the day. 

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