Native Highlight: @tooomuchfoood lays down her top NYC spots

Native Highlight: @tooomuchfoood

We had a great time with Morgan Raum, the mastermind behind the famous Instagram account Tooo Much Foood (@tooomuchfoood). She’s as New York as it gets; she was born and raised in the Upper East Side, went to school at Barnard, and the thought of leaving never crossed her mind. She has her hands in everything from custom sneakers to music (she’s been playing the piano since 5 years old) to running social media for restaurants. You can check out everything else she does on her Tooo Much Foood blog (Spoiler: it’s a helluva lot). But her biggest passion is food and she runs an account that crushes it!

Check out the behind the scenes of an Instagram food blogger and find out Morgan's favorite spots for the new year!

The Inspiration Behind The Account

I have always loved taking photos of everything I see and eat. Four years ago I decided I might as well put my photos somewhere and I started my food instagram!

Success always seems to start from a passion you have. For Morgan, the combination of her love for taking photos and passion for really tasty food made the transition to an Instagram foodie a no brainer! Keeping track of every photo she takes can get pretty overwhelming so Morgan turned to Instagram to share with the community of like-minded foodies.

Doughnut worry, be happy 🍩🍩

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Why the NYC food scene?

Until a few years ago, I barely ate at restaurants and I had a very limited palate. As soon as I started taking my Instagram seriously, I started to really enjoy trying new foods and began to appreciate good food. Because the list of restaurants in NYC is always increasing, I’m convinced that New York City is the best city to have a food Instagram in the world. The NYC food scene is fast-paced and really keeps up with the trends - if you can think it, NYC has it.

Morgan wasn’t always willing to try new types of food. In fact, she told us that she actually barely ate at restaurants and was an extremely picky eater just a few years ago. But once she really dove into @tooomuchfoood, she began to step outside her comfort zone and explore.

She’s absolutely right about NYC. The list of restaurants you have to try in the city almost seems infinite. Heck, by the time we finish writing this blog, the list probably has grown! “If you can think it, NYC has it” is definitely true. No matter what you’re into, there’s a big group of people that are also into it, and that means NYC has it.

Don't play with your food

... an embarrassing and scary moment that happened once was when I was invited to a food event at a restaurant on the Upper East Side with a bunch of other food Instagrammers. We were stacking the mini burgers to make the food look good for the photo (setting the stage). Then the restaurant owner came out and yelled at us for “playing with our food” for 20 minutes even though we were only trying to help the restaurant!

This story was great! Obviously, someone didn’t let the restaurant owner know what was going on! It is pretty amazing how much foodie Instagrammers can help spread the word about an awesome restaurant or bar. Mom and pop shops now have the ability to reach customers that previously weren’t obtainable through these experts that we can trust. We are super thankful because we can access hidden gems that haven’t yet gotten the credibility they deserve. That’s something truly special. NativX has made it our mission to help you experience a city on a deeper level, and we’re excited to highlight the people helping to make that happen!


Why you need to follow @tooomuchfoood

I keep up with the newest trends, and I always make sure I post only the best quality photos. Good lighting is key!!


One thing that’s borderline impossible is keeping up with the trends in NYC. Morgan has figured it out though, so following her is the easiest way to keep relevant – especially around UES. Morgan even left a little pro tip for the aspiring Insta Foodies out there (or casual food enthusiasts). If you want the perfect food pics, try to grab pics when the lighting is great!

ToooMuchFoood's Top Spots

1) &pizza

15 W 28th St, New York, NY 10001


Pro Tip: 

Cheap, REALLY delicious, fast lines, large portions, friendly staff!!


2) Rubirosa

235 Mulberry St, New York, NY 10012

Pro Tip:

VODKA PIZZA!!! And you can get half and half :O


3) By Chloe

60 W 22nd St, New York, NY 10010

Pro Tip 

Vegan mac n cheese is better than a lot of regular mac n cheese I've had. Their charcoal smoothie is delicious. Their beet ketchup is one-of-a-kind. Cool atmosphere and lots of locations!


4) Cibo e Vino

2418 Broadway, New York, NY 10024

Pro Tip

Best penne alla vodka on UWS/UES. Seasonal menu. Delicious burrata. Gluten free options. Cool shaped desserts. Beautiful restaurant and great atmosphere.

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