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Molly Dronson


Marisel Salazar

Foodie, Healthy

Baker, social media strategist and restaurant habitué living in New York City by way of Panama, Hawaii and Japan. Spent childhood eating patacones (fried smashed plantains), tripe, sashimi and all sorts of noodles.



Gabrielle Aaron 


LetsGababoutfood on instagram was started, thanks to my friends and family, because my personal account lacked “quality” pictures of me and only starred what I had eaten. It got so bad that my grandma, yes she’s a hip grandma with an instagram, told me “Gabrielle the only way I know you’re enjoying college is by seeing all of the dinners, brunches and desserts you’re going to, and I’m assuming you’re not eating that all alone… ARE YOU!?” When I told her sometimes I ordered a few dishes… well she questioned my social life LOL.



Jeremy Jacobowitz


Jeremy Jacobowitz has almost a decade of media experience, having first worked in sports television, and then transitioning from Bobby Flay's assistant on set, to Food TV producing for networks like Food Network, Cooking Channel, FYI and more!

Jeremy has also moved in front of the camera, hosting not only for Brunch Boys, but for outlets like Thrillist and Seamless/Grub Hub, along with other TV and online project in the works.

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