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Two twenty-somethings obsessing over food and fitness in Philadelphia


Our Story

We're Hope and Taylor, the co-founders of Philly Fit Foodies. Plain and simple, we created this platform because we're obsessed with food and fitness, and we know others are too!

We haven't always been where we are today—you can read about our wellness journeys on our blog. We met during college at Penn State (WE ARE!), where our paths crossed among mutual friends, and where you probably would've caught us bonding over alcoholic beverages or late night food. Fast forward five years, add "the real world" and [some] growing up, and here we are: besties with some revamped, shared passions.

Through Philly Fit Foodies, we're hoping to meet other like-minded individuals and to help grow the Philly wellness community. On our blog, we share personal experiences, original recipes, meal prep tips, studio and class reviews, instructor interviews, and more! We strive to entertain, educate, motivate and inform, while also being a go-to resource for a killer workout or prime foodie spot in Philly.


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Hope & Taylor's Top Spots

Real Food Eatery


What you need to know:

Quick and delicious, truly healthy food at an affordable price.



What you need to know:

Best happy hour in Philadelphia. Great food and drink specials, including a lot of delicious small plates—great for sharing!

Café Lift


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What you need to know:

This is our favorite BYOB spot for brunch in the city. The food is always spot on, and their menu always includes seasonal specials in addition to their classics. The BYOB aspect makes for an enjoyable, affordable boozy brunch!

Unite Fitness


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What you need to know:

Unite Fitness is one of our absolute favorite fitness studios in the city. Their class format includes 25 minutes of cardio intervals (treadmills or spin bikes), plus 35 minutes of strength circuits and 10 minutes of recovery. Always a killer workout and great vibes!



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What you need to know:

This workout is unlike any other. Their 50-minute, pilates-inspired class is done entirely on a reformer machine, using slow and controlled resistance training to target and tone specific muscle groups. You'll shake, you'll feel the burn, and you'll have rock hard abs in no time.

Flywheel Sports


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What you need to know:

It wasn't until we discovered Flywheel that we truly fell in love with spinning. We love the competitive aspect of their classes and being challenged to hit specific torque and BPM goals. The stadium is dark and the music is loud, making it a great place to forget about everything else going on in your life and focus on having an awesome 45-minute ride.

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