NativX's 2018 Ultimate Guide For Things To Do In Philly

NativX's 2018 Ultimate Philly Guide


Philly has some amazing history and has seen a thing or two as a city. It is currently going through what some would call a renaissance when it comes to new restaurants and bars popping up faster than ever. Check out our list of the favorite spots to hit!

BYOB Spots

One of the greatest parts of the Philly food and drink scene is the amazing BYOB laws. Unlike New York or DC, most places don't charge a corkage fee. That means you can save a TON by bringing your own. 

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     The BYOB Spots List

  • Bufad Pizza
  • Umai Umai
  • Audrey Claire
  • Wedge & Fig
  • Radicchio Cafe
  • Dmitri's
  • Res Ipsa

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Date Spots

Dating is hard, like really hard. But if you can score an actually date, these places will impress the best. We compiled the most saved date spots on NativX to give you some inspiration.

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     The Date Spots List

  • The Dandelion
  • Tinto
  • Ranstead Room
  • Sampan
  • Gran Caffe L'Aquila
  • Dmitri's
  • Barcelona Wine Bar Passyunk

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Boozy Brunches

Philly has a leg up on most cities for brunch because 1) their food is incredible and 2) they have awesome BYOB laws. Here is a list of the most saved boozy brunch spots that allow BYOB.

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     The Boozy Brunch List

  • Honey's Sit 'n Eat
  • Sabrina’s
  • Day By Day
  • Miles Table
  • Girard
  • Wedge & Fig
  • Cafe Lift
  • Cafe La Maude

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Philly Native Favorites

The Philly Natives on NativX know their stuff! Whether they're food bloggers, Instagram heroes, or just connoisseurs of the Philly food and drink scene, one thing is for sure: they sure know their stuff. We grabbed the most saved Native places and tips from the app.

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