Philly Native @Brookeitlist is an eternal hoptimist

Native Highlight: @Brookeitlist is an eternal hoptimist


Whether she's cracking a cold one at the top of a mountain after a long hike or meeting other craft beer lovers, Brooke Gwinner (@brookeitlist) has learned to appreciate the art and taste of a good beer.

Check out a behind the scenes of one of our Natives obsessed with the Philly beer scene and find out her favorite spots in her profile!

Brooke's Story

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I never met a beer I didn’t like. Ok, ok…. that’s not completely true! But I’m a hoptomist and I see the good in every beer, especially a good craft beer!

My name is Brooke and my journey with beer began back in my teens. Let me explain. My mother and father who went out every so often for some good food and brew would take me along when they went to the infamous Victory Brewery back in its beginnings. I would sit there eating my wings and drinking my water amazed at the concept of how the love of a drink could create one of the coolest atmospheres I had been in and brought so many people together.

Fast forward to when I was legal to drink and I slowly made my transition from liquor to beer after tasting craft beer. Before I knew it, my blood type was IPA and I was instantly hooked on the art and taste of a good brew. It became less about the drink (even though that is very important!) and more about the passion of the art and getting to experience and understand what my parents knew back in the day and still know: the community. That is and will always be my favorite part.

In my free time, you can find me playing in the great outdoors with camera in-hand skiing, paddling, biking, or hiking. And you better believe that I am cracking a nice cold one after these activities or enjoying a brew with my summit view.


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