Native Highlight: @Coffeeandphilly

Native Highlight: Coffee and Philly

Growing up just outside of a city can be such a cool experience! Close enough to the bright lights to be enamored by them, without being too close where it loses its allure. Nova, the coffee loving native behind the instagram account @coffeandphilly, grew up 20 minutes outside of the city and had this exact experience. She remembers one of the biggest highlights of the summer as a teenager was going to South Street. Fast forward to today, and Nova is now on an adventure to find and share the best coffee shops Philly has to offer. 

Check out the behind the scenes of this coffee obsessed Native and find out a few of Nova's favorite spots!

The inspiration behind the account

My love for a great cup of coffee or a scrumptious latte was the driving force behind @coffeeandphilly....Well that and my addiction to caffeine! Last summer I wanted to get to know the city beyond my car and past the “popular and well known” spots in the city. So I set out over the weekends to explore. Now it’s almost a daily obsession and I’ve put a lot of miles on my sneaks and car!

Her mission of getting to know the city beyond the "popular and well known" is very similar to why NativX began. With so many amazing spots in the city, it can be so overwhelming to find where you want to go. In Nova's case, she printed out a list of the coffee shops and set out to explore them all. She's reporting back after each visit to let us know which ones she loves and will be returning to! 

A big thank you is in order for Nova taking one for the team and letting us know the go-to spots! 


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Why the philly coffee scene?

This city (and surrounding areas) have some really good coffee offerings. No matter what you’re looking for, from soy-latte to a traditional Italian espresso to cold brews, you’ll find it here! My mission is to try them all. My bank account doesn’t approve but together we’re working it out!

While Nova's bank account may not approve, we are all very grateful for her costly caffeine addiction. She's able to blaze the trail of what seems like an endless list of Philly coffee shops and give us the truth about each of them. 


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For the love of people watching

I am an avid reader, diverse music lover, people watcher, amateur photog, architectural history buff, foodie, and all around curious person. Being in coffee houses feeds every single one of these passions.
The most embarrassing thing about me is that when I’m drinking coffee and observing people, I make up an entire dialogue of THEIR CONVERSATION 😁. It’s weird, but I know I’m not alone.

If someone tells you they don't enjoy people watching can you really trust anything else they say? Now we've heard of some great people watching stories and techniques, but to make up entire dialogues about their conversations is taking it to another level... and we love it!!

That is one of the true beauties of "coffee shop culture". In a constantly connected world of emails, texts, and tweets, a coffee shop is a place where Nova chooses to unplug and just escape for a little while. It's like a reality TV show where she controls the script! 

Why you need to follow @CoffeeandPhilly right now

Everyone should follow @coffeeandphilly because I only post places where I would definitely visit again. I’m not a coffee snob or critic by any stretch of the imagination, but I can surely appreciate a finely crafted blend. My mission is to find the coolest coffee gems and share my genuinely positive experience.

Nova wants @coffeeandphilly to be an honest interrpretation of the coffee scene in Philly. Follow along to get the truth about these great places around the City of Brotherly Love!

Make sure to check out her Native Profile to keep up to date on her favorite spots!


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Pro Tip: 

What I like most about this place is the airy and openness of the “house”.
There are multiple choices for seating from picnic style tables for studying, sofas for lounging and banquets for you and maybe a few friends.
For novice drinkers the menu board is both informative and simple: coffee, coffee + milk, or not coffee. I enjoyed my stay here.

2) Amalgam Comics and Coffeehouse

2578 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125


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Pro Tip:

If comics are your thing, then your search will end here. This place is very artsy and cool.
I love the decor that incorporates primary colors for the super-comfy seating area. It’s easy to get sucked right into the vortex of amazing comic characters.


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