Native Highlight: Love Philly Food Reveals Her Favorite Spots In Philadelphia

Native Highlight: Love Philly Food

We had the pleasure of talking with Lauren Carroll, the master behind the Instagram account Love Philly Food (@love_phillyfood). She is taking the Philly Food scene by storm. Lauren has grown to absolutely love the food in Philly, and it shows in her quest to find the best food in the area while also giving back to the community. On top of Love Philly Food, she also cofounded City Chew with fellow Instagrammer @Phillyfoodies (hmm, ring a bell?). The company aims to help restaurants get noticed through engaging, consistent content.

Check out the behind the scenes of an Instagram food blogger and find out Lauren's favorite spots for the new year!

The Inspiration Behind The Account

I was at White Dog for brunch, one of my favorite places, and posted a picture of the pancakes and haven’t looked back since!

It all started with pancakes!

Lauren was extremely into going out to eat and taking the perfect picture of her meal, but always caught herself posting to her personal account. The idea hit her that she should create an account specifically for the meals she had. She was one of the earlier Philly food accounts so at the time this was really revolutionary! 

It's also awesome to see **spoiler** that one of her favorite places back then is still one of her favorite places today! We are thrilled that The White Dog has the incredible pancakes that inspired @love_phillyfood!


Ice Cream On The Mind

I eat ice cream a lot, probably 4-5 times a week.

If you happen to notice there are a lot of ice cream posts on @love_phillyfood, there's a reason. Lauren is an ice cream fanatic! She also loves to bake and has dreams of opening up her own bakery! So, just to make sure we have this right, she runs an awesome food Instagram, she has a full time job, she cofounded City Chew, and also wants to open up her own bakery!

She laughs that no one ever believes she eats all that food, but she is quick to admit that she is able to do so because of her love for working out! 


The Rise Of City Chew

City Chew creates content and helps manage restaurant’s Instagram pages, so their feeds are consistent and engaging. Between photoshoots for our clients, restaurant openings, media events, my full time job and working out, I’m super busy but I wouldn’t want it to be with anything else!

We are still debating if Lauren ever sleeps, but our guess is that she doesn't. Lauren realized as she was cruising through her list of restaurants to visit (which somehow keeps growing), that there was an opportunity to help the restaurants she loves get noticed. So Philly Foodies and Lauren teamed up to create City Chew. They are helping restaurants and brand create engaging and compelling content on social media to let Philly know about the awesome food that's out there!


Why You Need To Follow @love_phillyfood Right Now

In today's Instagram world, everyone is trying to game the system to get followers, comments, and likes. If you want to follow an authentic account that simply enjoys great food and showing the world, you need to check out @love_phillyfood.


The Top Spots For Love Philly Food

1) White Dog Cafe

3420 Sansom St, Philadelphia, PA 19104


Avo BLT + Egg ✨ #lovephillyfood

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Pro Tip: 

Their bread and butter is so good and the perfect way to start your meal! My go-to order is the Avocado BLT with truffle parm fries.


2) Parc

227 S 18th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103


Warm Shrimp Salad w/ a view 👌 #lovephillyfood

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Pro Tip:

Eat outside because the view of the park can’t be beat. They have heaters so even when it’s chilly it’s such a great atmosphere. The warm shrimp salad is unreal.


3) Bakeshop on 20th

269 S 20th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103


Avocado Toast w/ bacon on top! #lovephillyfood

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Pro Tip 

Get a breakfast sandwich because they are on the best English muffins I have ever had.


4) Franklin Fountain

116 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19106


Black Raspberry 🍨 #lovephillyfood

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Pro Tip

The line is worth the wait. Mt Vesuvius is a chocolate lovers dream.


5) Winnie's Manayunk

4266 Main St, Philadelphia, PA 19127


🥞🍳🥓🍴🥑 #lovephillyfood

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Pro Tip:

Get brunch and eat outside (when it’s warm again). It’s the best for people watching in Manayunk.


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