8 Philly BYOB Brunch Spots To Bring Your Friends And Save Money

Brunch is magical. Plain and simple. It has our back when we had a late night and slept in a little. It has our back when we just want to have a few mimosas with friends without getting dirty looks for drinking before 5pm. It is always there for us when we need it.

It isn't a secret that Philly crushes it when it comes to brunch... or food in general. If you are in Philly, brunch treats you exceptionally well. There are plenty of places to go, but if you are looking to save a few bucks, you might want to hit a BYOB brunch.

Here are the 8 Philly BYOB brunch spots trending on NativX right now!

1) Honey's Sit 'n Eat

2101 South St. Philadelphia, PA 19146 

celebratory end of semester brunch 🍾

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Great For: Mac N Cheese Pancakes, Hangover Brunch, BYO Mimosas

Pro Tips: CASH ONLY and get there early (7-9am) for specials

Native Scoop: Philly Natives rave about the mac and cheese pancakes. We know, sounds weird, but they are a hit! It's a chill laid back vibe so it's a good choice for after a long night out. It's CASH ONLY so make sure to hit the ATM before. 

2) Sabrina’s

910 Christian St. Philadelphia, PA 19147

Banana cream stuffed challah toast....um YES 🍞🍌 photo credit: @liveofficialphilly

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Great For: Beer Flights, BYO CHAMPAGNE, Massive Portions

Pro Tips: Massive Portions and dog-friendly patio

Native Scoop: This is a well-known brunch place, but it's good to make everyone aware that they're BYOB. Locals let us know that this is the place to be if you are into giant food portions. Make sure to get there early because it tends to get packed.

3) Day By Day

501 N 13th St. Philadelphia, PA 19123

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Great For: Potato Lovers, BENEDICTs, Mid Size Groups

Pro Tips: No Reservations, Show Up Early

Native Scoop: The hot dish at Day By Day is definitely the Potato Pancakes Benedict. On a busy day, you can swing in, put your name down, and they will text you when you are up so you can walk around the area a little. A fair warning, they aren't the best place for huge groups like 10 people. 

4) Miles Table

1620 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19146

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Great For: A Quick Lunch, Casual Mimosas Or Bloodys

Pro Tips: Vegetarian Friendly

Native Scoop: Natives are big into the Huevos Rancheros and the Sausage and Egg Brioche. It has a relaxing environment and is really vegetarian friendly. They have rotating specials so the menu never gets boring! It's a great place to go if you catch yourself on South Street. 

5) Girard

300 E Girard Ave Philadelphia, PA 19125


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Great For: Coffee Addicts, Coffee with a Twist

Pro Tips: Get The Coffee Flight and The Adult Pop Tart

Native Scoop: Philly Natives talk about the quality brunch and incredible coffee. It's not often that you can get the best of both worlds. The tip is already included in the meal because of their fair wage philosophy. Great spot for if you are hanging around Fishtown. 

6) Wedge & Fig CLOSED

160 N 3rd St Philadelphia, PA 19106

Great For: Stress Free Brunch, Brunch Dates

Pro Tips: If it's nice out, grab a spot in the outside garden

Native Scoop: This is a cozy place to take advantage of the BYOB atmosphere. They specialize in cheese so make sure to grab something that is cheesy! We've been told their french toast is killer though.

7) Cafe Lift

428 N 13th St. Philadelphia, PA 19123

Cafe lift it into my mouth πŸ˜‹

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Great For: French Toast, Laid Back Vibes

Pro Tips: If you can't get out of bed or want to brunch at home, don't worry, they deliver. They are Also Cash ONLY.

Native Scoop: If you find yourself in North Philly, try out Cafe Lift. Try a little sweetness with the Canoli French Toast or dive into the savory Huevos Rancheros. Hit this beaut if you are in the Callowhill area. Oh and make sure to bring cash, it's cash only!

8) Cafe La Maude

816 N 4th St. Philadelphia, PA 19123

How can you avoid this new special @cafelamaude πŸ˜‹πŸŽ‚#cafe#phillyfood#brunch#sweet#

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Great For: Macaroons, Omlettes, Fun Vibes

Pro Tips: Get The Sweet Potato Benny

Native Scoop: Philly Natives like to head here for an awesome brunch experience. It's kinda a hidden gem with it being located in North of Center City, but it is an awesome place to grab brunch. They are very welcoming of the BYOB experience, so you won't get too many dirty looks popping that champagne bottle. 

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