Native Highlight: @PhillyBeerCouple is on a mission to find the best beer in Philly

Native Highlight: Philly Beer Couple

The craft beer scene is growing at an insane pace and shows no sign of slowing down. It seems like every day a new brewery pops up with great beer on tap. The creativity is at an all time high. We were lucky to learn from Kelly and Cam, the masterminds behind the account Philly Beer Couple (@phillybeercouple), scouring all over Philly to find the best local beers. They are on a mission to stay on top of what’s going on in the Philly Beer community. If you're looking for them, there’s a good chance they’ll either be in a brewery or at home trying out a new beer they’re excited about.

Check out the behind the scenes of these two beer obsessed Natives and find out their favorite spots!

The inspiration behind the account

We were inspired to start Philly Beer Couple because of our combined love of craft beer. We spend a lot of our free time checking out new breweries, and whenever we are in a new state (or country) we make it a point to check out a local brewery. We also spend our nights off trying different beers at home together. We figured with our love and knowledge of craft beer we should share it with the rest of the craft beer community.

There’s one thing that can’t be questioned and that’s that these two both love craft beer. Every opportunity they get, they’re out searching for what’s new around Philly. Even when they’re not in Philly, they’re always itching to find the hot local breweries.

They stay up to date on what's happening in the Philly beer scene so they found it fitting to share all the knowledge they have with the craft beer community. This community shares a goal to help grow the craft beer scene and Kelly and Cam are happy to be part of it!

Why the philly beer scene?

We’ve lived in Philly together for the past year and a half and have spent a lot of time exploring the city. Philly has so many great breweries, bars, and beer distributers so it caters to all types of people. There’s also many new breweries popping up throughout the city and it appears that the industry is thriving. We love supporting local businesses so it just makes sense for us to fall in love with the philly beer scene.

Breweries have  a funny way of serving all different types of people. Whether you’re a beer connoseur like Kelly and Cam, or just enjoy the experience with your friends, there’s a good chance you’ll walk out (or stumble out) satisfied. Although Philly might not be the first city you think of when you think craft beer, it’s making some noise in the recent years.

We love how the Philly Beer Couple is motivated by supporting the local community.

You can't win them all

One day I was sleeping during the day (I work as a night shift ICU nurse) and I was woken up by what sounded like a gun shot. I walked downstairs to see what was going on and found beer all over the kitchen. Here, Cam was just opening one of his over carbonated home brews. Not all batches go as planned.

Why you need to follow @PhillyBeerCouple right now

Everyone should follow PhillyBeerCouple right now because we drink the best beers Philly has to offer and we’re always seeking new flavors and places to explore the beer culture. The craft beer community is booming in and around the Philadelphia area so hold on tight and follow us!

It's not too often you find someone that has the passion for the local craft beer community. The craft beer scene is absolutely taking off to the point where if you aren’t in it, you’re going to miss out. That’s why having Natives like Kelly and Cam to keep you in the loop is so important!

Make sure to check out her Native Profile to keep up to date on their favorite spots!

The Top Spots For @PhillyBeerCouple

1) Monk's Cafe

264 S 16th St, Philadelphia, PA 19102

Pro Tip: 

Monk's always has 25 beers on draft and over 200 bottles! The draft list features beers from around the country and Belgium as well. They rotate the drafts pretty frequently and feature some of the best beers around. 
In addition to their awesome beer menu, the have a delicious food menu as well. The mussels are to die for! Monk's offers five different options of mussels, all which are seasoned with beer! I cant think of anything better than that.
Monk's Cafe is located in Rittenhouse, but has a laid back vibe. The staff is awesome and always helpful. Throughout the year, Monk's hosts several different events and fundraisers. Drinking beer for a cause sounds good to me!
If you're looking for a relaxing place to drink good beer and eat delicious food, Monk's Cafe is the place!

2) Evil Genius Brewery

1727 N Front St, Philadelphia, PA 19122

Pro Tip:

Evil Genius is an awesome local brewery with so much to offer! On top have having a variety of flavorful drafts, they also have great food, and a fun atmosphere. 
Stepping into Evil Genius is like a throw back to the 90s. They have board games we've all played as kids and their food menus are displayed on VHS cases! Their beers are cleverly named and delicious! Philadelphia's sports teams are hot this year and Evil Genius has had can releases dedicated to their success. 
Evil Genius is a great place to hang out with a group of friends or even host a work event! Their tasting room is large with plenty of seating, and during the warmer months they have outdoor seating! Everyone loves drinking a good beer in the sunshine.
Evil Genius is located in Fishtown and is walking distance to so many cool bars, restaurants, and shops. It's definitely a place to check out!


3) Brewery ARS

1927-29 W Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19145


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Pro Tip 

Brewery ARS is a small local brewery located in a garage in South Philly, but don't let that take away from how delicious their brews are! We've just recently started frequenting ARS, and I wish we would have started sooner. Although the tasting room is on the smaller side, there is always seating available, and one of our favorite things is being able to sit right next to the fermenters!
Brewery ARS is pumping out some delicious draft beers and their can releases are just as amazing. They offer a variety of craft beers ranging from Ales, to IPAs, to Stouts, Saisons, and everything in between. Each style never disappoints! 
On Thursdays ARS features a local pizza shop and on Saturdays they feature local BBQ spots. The food has always been on point!
This is an awesome local brewery and a gem in South Philly. We highly recommend ARS to all craft beer lovers.


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