Native Highlight: Why @PhillyBrunchBabe is so obsessed with the brunch scene in Philly

Native Highlight: Philly Brunch Babe

Philly absolutely crushes it when it comes to knowing how to throw a solid brunch. It may be the BYOB options or the creativity of the chefs, but one thing is for sure, brunch dominates the weekend in Philly. We talked with Philly Native, Caitlin Cherkin, the owner of the popular Instagram account Philly Brunch Babe (@PhillyBrunchBabe). This brunch aficionado, who doubles as a lawyer, has dialed into the Philly brunch world, committed to finding the hottest spots around, and sharing them with you!

Check out the behind the scenes of a Brunch obsessed Native and find out Caitlin's favorite spots!

The inspiration behind the account

I was going to brunch every weekend, eating good food and recapping the night before with my friends over mimosas and coffee. Brunch for me has always been about the experience as much as the food. What’s more fun than eating gluttonous food, all while hanging out and laughing with your friends?

Brunch does have a magical way of bringing people together and having a hell of a time. It can be savior from going a little too hard the night before. It can be the best way to reminisce or catch up with old (and new) friends.

Caitlin knows the power of brunch and has gone out of her way to help you find the best spots for brunch in Philly. She hopes she can inspire others to get out there and experience, just like she does, every weekend!

Why the philly food scene?

The hype about the food scene in Philly is real. I travel to other cities and have meals and think, this is good, but ‘such and such Philly restaurant’ would crush this place. The level of quality here is prompting every restaurant to up their game and it’s resulting in an ever-changing and lively food scene. Brunch is no exception. Some of the best Philly restaurants have added these amazing brunch menus with really cool and really different dishes. Then we still have the original brunch spots like Sabrina’s and Green Eggs. There are endless options for top quality meals.

Competition breeds excellence. Restaurants are constantly competing with each other, creatively thinking up new dishes in an attempt to impress you. The massive brunch scene has caught the attention of the top restaurant owners in Philly, prompting them to start offering brunch. Even Caitlin, a seasoned brunch expert, finds new restaurants offering brunch, getting her excited for the weekend.

The champagne to OJ ratio is key

I truly believe that the champagne to OJ ratio is make or break when it comes to mimosas. It’s an actual sin to overload on OJ. Give me more of the good stuff.

Expert Planner

... I’m a lawyer by day and a brunch babe by night/weekend, but sometimes I think I missed my true calling in planning events. I love putting things together to help people have fun or enjoy themselves. I wish I could plan things all day!

There's a lot of factors

I try to respond to every single DM I get when people ask me where to go in the city for brunch. I LOVE recommending places and actually sort of go overboard in that I need to know what you’re looking for, how many people, neighborhood you’re around, if you want drinks, etc. I can’t make my best recommendation without knowing all the facts!

Caitlin understands that everyone experiences differently. Even within brunch, there are tons of different types of brunchers. There are the ones that focus on a lively environment, some that focus on the food, and others that are looking for a date spot. She genuinely wants to help, and understands that she can't give blanket recommendations to everyone. She goes above and beyond, wanting to know more about the experience you are looking for, so she can give a quality suggestion that you're likely to enjoy. 

Why you need to follow @PhillyBrunchBabe right now

Everyone should follow phillybrunchbabe right now because brunch is the most delicious meal and I’m bringing you the best of it! I try to mix quality photos with memes, etc. so that it’s MOSTLY food, with a sprinkle of entertainment as well. The people who are interested in brunch, and who are looking for places to get it on instagram, are looking for a relatable source. I try to incorporate all of that on PBB. My goal is to make my food page as approachable as one of your friends - just open my page to see where your next brunch should be.

Caitlin wants @PhillyBrunchBabe to be an experience. Just like brunch, she aims to make it much more than the mouthwatering brunch pics.

Make sure to check out her Native Profile to keep up to date on her favorite spots!

The Top Spots For @PhillyBrunchBabe

1) Fond

1537 S 11th St, Philadelphia, PA 1914

Pro Tip: 

Three words: crispy pork belly! Such a unique brunch dish, and the flavor was spot-on!

2) Wm. Mulherins Sons

1355 N Front St, Philadelphia, PA 19122

Pro Tip:

This place is a knock-out for any meal, but every item I've ever had on their brunch menu has been outstanding. Last time I went we ordered three entrees for two people and ate it all... #Noregrets.


3) Jones

700 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Pro Tip 

I've been recommending this place since I first started PhillyBrunchBabe. They have a bottomless bellini with three different juice options that they bring to your table. And tater tots. Perfection.

4) Butcher Bar

2034 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Pro Tip 

Round up all your friends and make a reservation for THE TROUGH. It's actually what it sounds like - a giant smorgasbord of eggs, pancakes, meats, etc. that serves 6-8 people. Reserve in advance!

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