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Hope & Taylor

Two twenty-somethings obsessing over food and fitness in Philadelphia

Our Story

We're Hope and Taylor, the co-founders of Philly Fit Foodies. Plain and simple, we created our platform because we're obsessed with food and fitness, and we know others are too!

We haven't always been where we are today. You can read about our wellness journeys thus far on our blog - constant works in progress. We met during college at Penn State (WE ARE!), where our paths crossed among mutual friends, and where you probably would've caught us bonding over alcoholic beverages or late night food. Fast forward five years, add "the real world" and [some] growing up, and here we are: besties with some revamped, shared passions. 

Through Philly Fit Foodies, we're hoping to meet other like-minded individuals and to help grow the Philly wellness community. On our blog, we share personal experiences, original recipes, meal prep tips, studio and class reviews, instructor interviews, and more! We strive to entertain, educate, motivate, inform and inspire, while also being Philly's go-to resource for a killer workout or prime foodie spot.

Check out a behind the scenes look at these Natives obsessed with the food and fitness options around Philly, and find out their favorite spots!


You can't win 'em all

While we’re both super active and have done pretty much every form of exercise from yoga to half marathons and everything in between, we aren’t always the most graceful or coordinated people. In the middle of a class at RowZone, Taylor once got so into rowing that the seat flew out from under her and she [embarrassingly] flew off the machine in the middle of a circuit. Lesson learned: increase resistance when you start to become airborne on an erg. Hope once ate it while running on the treadmill at LA Fitness when her water bottle fell off and she tried to retrieve it. Lesson learned: your water can’t feel pain, but you sure can.

Even the most experienced have a few not-so-graceful moments! You've gotta have a sense of humor when these things happen and it's great to see Hope and Taylor laugh it off with a funny story to tell.

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Believe us when we say these two are experts in the food and fitness scenes around Philadelphia. They know more about those two categories than we know about ourselves! They definitely subscribe to the work hard, play hard lifestyle so check out thier profile to see their favorite spots around Philly.


Pro Tip: 

Quick and delicious, truly healthy food at an affordable price.

2) Sampan

124 S 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107


Pro Tip:

Best happy hour in Philadelphia. Great food and drink specials, including a lot of delicious small plates—great for sharing!

3) Café Lift

428 N 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19123


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Pro Tip:

This is our favorite BYOB spot for brunch in the city. The food is always spot on, and their menu always includes seasonal specials in addition to their classics. The BYOB aspect makes for an enjoyable, affordable boozy brunch!

4) Unite Fitness

26 S 20th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103


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Pro Tip:

Unite Fitness is one of our absolute favorite fitness studios in the city. Their class format includes 25 minutes of cardio intervals (treadmills or spin bikes), plus 35 minutes of strength circuits and 10 minutes of recovery. Always a killer workout and great vibes!

5) SolidCore

2116 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19103


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Pro Tip:

This workout is unlike any other. Their 50-minute, pilates-inspired class is done entirely on a reformer machine, using slow and controlled resistance training to target and tone specific muscle groups. You'll shake, you'll feel the burn, and you'll have rock hard abs in no time.

6) Flywheel Sports

1521 Locust St, Philadelphia, PA 19102


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Pro Tip:

It wasn't until we discovered Flywheel that we truly fell in love with spinning. We love the competitive aspect of their classes and being challenged to hit specific torque and BPM goals. The stadium is dark and the music is loud, making it a great place to forget about everything else going on in your life and focus on having an awesome 45-minute ride.

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