Native Highlight: Philly Immersion

Native Highlight: Philly Immersion

If you ask any coffee lover, they'd tell you coffee is more than just a way to stay awake in the morning. It comes with an experience attached. Spending an entire day at a coffee shop is now a perfectly acceptable way to spend a Sunday. For Claire Sibley, the owner of Philly Immersion, coffee has been her way to experience Philly. She appreciates the wide range of coffee shops and has made it her goal to help others get a deeper understanding of these shops one cup of coffee at a time.

Check out the behind the scenes of a Philly coffee fanatic and find out Claire's favorite spots!

The inspiration behind the account

I used to go to the same one [coffee shop] every Sunday, but I eventually started to branch out and I wanted a place that I could catalog all of the shops - a way to remind myself where I’ve been, what I liked about it, where it’s located, etc. I used to write them down, but last December I had seen an advertisement about running a blog and my semester break was coming up, so I thought “Why not?”.

For Claire, the love for coffee has always been there. She had her spot where she would go every Sunday, but eventually she wanted to branch out. She didn't have someone that could tell her all about the Philly coffee scene, so it was a little intimidating to branch out. That's where Philly Immersion was born. She wanted a way to catalog all the shops she visited. She wanted a way to not only remember what she felt about the shop, but also to help others like her that wanted to branch out, but didn't know where to start.

Our goal is to build a community of amazing Natives that are passionate about coffee and want to share their experience with others. Claire perfectly encompasses the inclusive spirit that makes the Native community so great!

Why coffee?

It was my way of being productive and exploring the city on a budget. I live in Camden and there really isn’t much to do on that side of the bridge, so I’d get a little stir-crazy but I knew that every Sunday I had the opportunity to see this incredible city, get some homework done, AND keep it under $15. It’s literally the best of both worlds!

For some, a cup of coffee is a way to power them through the day. But for the majority, every cup of coffee is attached to an experience. On top of that, spending time at a coffee shop is a great way to experience your city on a budget! Claire loves that an awesome day long experience can be kept under $15!

Getting a deeper understanding

With Philly Immersion, I’ve now had the privilege of talking to the owners and the baristas and I’ve just learned about how tight-knit the Philly coffee community is, and that in and of itself has made me love the coffee scene 1000x more. The people are what I keep coming back for.

Claire gets it. In a world where everyone can share their opinion, we often lose touch with what makes a place so great - the people. By focusing on coffee, Claire strives to get a deeper understanding of the coffee shop by learning about the atmosphere, chatting with the baristas, and learning about the owner's story. 

You won't get a review from Claire saying, "The coffee was ok" because she knows that every coffee shop has a different feel. She wants to help others truly learn about a coffee shop so they can make a decision based on info that matters.


All around the world

I think it’s pretty interesting that I’ve lived all over the globe, in eight different countries, so I never really had a grasp of what “home” was like. But when I moved here for college, I instantly fell in love with Philadelphia and it’s been growing on me more and more to the point where I started a blog about it in hopes to be able to call this city “home”.

Claire is no stranger to new places. It's great to see that she has been and lived all over the world, and Philly is where she wants to call home! She hopes that her blog can show others why the city of brotherly love is somewhere that everyone should want to call home.


Why you need to follow @phillyimmersion right now

I try to hit a new coffee shop to put up and review once a week, on top of posting other great Philly finds and literally just my appreciation for this wonderful city. I love getting recommendations, making connections, and just sharing the best spots with others that share this appreciation for Philadelphia.

Philly Immersion gives you an insider look into the bustling coffee scene in Philadelphia. She makes sure to physically go to every coffee shop she reviews, spending a day there to observe the atmosphere, talk with the baristas, and learn about the shop's history. This type of in-depth review is very rare to find in a world where quantity is often rewarded over quality.

Make sure to check out her Native Profile to keep up to date on her favorite spots, stories, and more!


Pro Tip: 

The owner, Ross, is an ex-physics professor and his attention to detail shines through the coffee. The baristas are some of nicest people I've met and I've had the best pour-over and cinnamon bun ever here. It's located in such a cute little neighborhood in South Philly, making you really feel like a local.


2) Elixr Coffee

207 S Sydenham St, Philadelphia, PA 19102


Pro Tip:

Located on a little side street off bustling Walnut Street, Elixr has some of the most delicious and well-known coffee in the city. With woodsy and rustic vibes, you're transplanted into a little cabin in the woods and surrounded by busy people, networking, being productive, or just reading.


3) Pilgrim Roasters

4120 Main St, Philadelphia, PA 19127


Pro Tip 

Make the trip to Manayunk, with Pilgrim Roasters located right along famous Main Street and beside the beautiful canal. Pilgrim has gorgeous big windows, exotic teas, and even their very own coffee roaster imported from Paris! They literally roast the coffee beans on location.


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