Native Highlight: Philly Vegan Expert @PhillysPlantPlate

Native Highlight: Phillys Plant Plate

Growing up, the thought of becoming a vegan never crossed Emily Dean's mind. Emily is the passion behind the popular vegan Instagram account PhillysPlantPlate. In fact, growing up a meat eater, she thought you were crazy to be vegan, but as she learned more about the health benefits of veganism, she said it was an easy switch to make!

Check out the behind the scenes of a vegan obsessed Native and find out her favorite spots!

The inspiration behind the account

One day, about a year after I went vegan, I was sitting in my apartment looking through my photos on my iPhone. I realized that most of my pictures are of the vegan food I’ve eaten in Philly. They were taking up way too much space on my iPhone, so I decided to make an Instagram account and started posting them.

It seems like the best accounts all start as a way to express creativity and Emily has a ton of it! She attributes a lot of what she knows to following vegan food bloggers on Youtube and Instagram and was inspired to help others the same way.

She knew that there were a bunch of others on Instagram already, but her passion for the Philly vegan scene and passing it forward to others drove her to start @PhillysPlantPlate.

Why the Philly vegan scene?

Honestly, the food is sooooo good it’s hard not to get hooked. I’ve taken a lot of my friends to my favorite vegan places, and they’re always surprised about how good the food is. When I started phillysplantplate there was already a sizable amount of vegan food for me to share. Since then, the vegan food scene in Philly has only grown.

The Vegan food scene in Philly is absolutely exploding. Whether it’s popular restaurants adding a vegan section to the menu or vegan pop up flea markets (Emily loves ones run by @vmarkstheshop), the options are endless! Not to mention, the creativity of restaurants figuring out how to include amazing vegan options is on a whole new level. Even those that aren’t necessarily vegan have become obsessed with some of the options.

Fork in the road

So, I actually wasn’t interested in going to college at all, although I am in college right now and loving it. I wanted to be a makeup artist and spend the time I would have spent in college, instead getting salon/retail experience, building up a clientele, and apprenticing with a master makeup artist.

Emily may be a current Drexel student, but that wasn’t always what she had in mind. Initially, she wanted to be a makeup artist. She went as far to get two certifications from Christine Valmy International for basic and advance makeup application. So while you’re reaching out to her with questions about the vegan scene in Philly, she also might be able to help you with your cosmetics questions!

It’s awesome being able to tell these amazing stories that get missed in the endless feeds on Instagram. Our Natives have unique stories to tell and helps knowing if the person behind the suggestion fits you!

Why you need to follow @PhillysPlantPlate right now

No matter the diet, there’s something for everyone on phillysplantplate. You don’t have to be vegan to eat plant-based food. Phillysplantplate is less than a year old, so there’s still a lot of growing to do, and I can’t wait to see where we’ll go next. There is so much more for me to discover, and I hope you’ll come with me along my journey!

Emily has made the best of PhillysPlantPlate’s less than year long existence. She’s on a mission to find the top vegan places in the city and stay on top of the new trends. She has an authentic passion to help others who are either looking to go vegan or just looking for their next favorite place.

Make sure to check out her Native Profile to keep up to date on her favorite spots!

The Top Spots For @PhillysPlantPlate

1) Bar Bombon

133 S 18th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103


Pro Tip: 

This is my top recommendation for many reasons. I've taken many of my non-vegan friends here, and they love the food as well. Bar Bombón is an entirely vegan restaurant that serves Latin-inspired food and also accommodates gluten-free preferences. My favorites on the menu are the brussel sprouts, cauliflower tacos, and the Spanish meatballs. They also serve brunch on the weekends! Even though the food is phenomenal, Bar Bombón is still under the radar. To my surprise, I don't hear many people talk about it. Making reservations is always a good idea, but you can get away with walking in on a week night or you can sit at the bar. Besides the food, the location is so convenient. It's right across from the Anthropologie store in Rittenhouse Square.

2) V Street

126 S 19th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103


Pro Tip:

Two words - Brunch Bun. While V Street has a fabulous dinner menu, their brunch takes the cake. The brunch bun is a vegan version of a lox bagel breakfast sandwich. I also love the Peruvian fries, which is offered at brunch and dinner. Make sure to reserve a spot, because brunch is only on the weekends, and it's a small space so the tables fill up quickly at dinner.
Oh, and it's all vegan!
Pro tip: If V Street doesn't have a table open, head next door to Wiz Kid (owned by the creators of Vedge and V Street) and order some delicious wiz fries.


3) Vedge

1221 Locust St, Philadelphia, PA 19107


Pro Tip 

You haven't had the true Philly vegan experience without going to Vedge. This award-winning restaurant is famous for serving the best vegan food in Philly. The only downside to this restaurant is that it's so good reservations have to be made months in advance. However, if you go on the early side you might be able to snag a spot at the bar.
You really can't go wrong here. No matter what you order it will be amazing. My favorites are the rutabaga fondu, brussel sprouts, glazed tofu, and, for dessert, the sticky toffee pudding.

4The Tasty

1401 S 12th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147


Pro Tip 

The Tasty is an entirely vegan diner located in South Philly. It's a small space and it tends to get more crowded in the afternoon, so I like to go in the late morning. Compared to the other vegan spots I've mentioned, this one is super casual. You order and pay at the register, receive your food, and grab a table.
One of the reasons I love The Tasty is because they serve breakfast all day. They also have a gluten-free menu for those with that dietary preference. My absolute favorite menu item is the deluxe breakfast burrito. Everything about it is amazing, including the spicy cheese sauce and breakfast potatoes.

5) P.S. & Co.

1706 Locust St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

ps and co.jpg

Pro Tip:

P.S. & Co. serves all organic, plant-based cuisine in a cute cafe type of environment. It is a few streets away from both Bar Bombon and V Street, right around Rittenhouse Square. I love going for brunch on the weekends and getting the breakfast nachos. They also have a great selection of beverages, from smoothies and juices to tea.
P.S. & Co. has a great bakery section. I recommend ending your meal with a slice of cake or a cookie!


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