Native Highlight: Allie Eats Drops Her Top Places In San Francisco

Native Highlight: Allie Eats

We had the pleasure of talking with Allie Tong, the legend behind the Instagram account Allie Eats (@allie.eats) on a path to take over the San Francisco food scene. She has built her fun hobby into an Instagram Empire that landed on Zagat's prestigious Foodie Awards: Top 101 Food Instagrammers in the US. From a young age, Allie had a gift for taking the perfect food pictures. She laughs that she spent more time reading reviews and researching new places to eat than anything else! Her experience is obvious with her natural ability to make you extremely... hungry.

Check out the behind the scenes of an Instagram food blogger and find out Allie's favorite spots!

The Inspiration Behind The Account

“ college my friends convinced me to start a food Instagram since food pages had become quite popular and my friends thought I would be a good candidate. After a while, I finally gave in because I saw Instagram as a platform to store my food photos online as well as a way to keep a “food diary”.

We couldn't be more thankful for her "food diary". It's been the inspiration for quite a few meals! What was really interesting was that there was a point where Allie stopped taking pictures of food (this was pre-Allie.Eats). 

Luckily for everyone, her friends convinced her otherwise and motivated her to continue showing the world all the amazing places she discovered. She started the page while she was at The U (University of Miami that is) and carried it over to San Francisco. She talks about how SF crushes the fine dining game so you'll see much more refined and healthy meals as opposed to the "food porn" pics. 

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Allie's Fun, Upbeat Approach

If you want to see me embarrassing myself, then you should probably just watch my Insta stories.

We love this about Allie.Eats! She has a laid back vibe and isn't afraid to make fun of herself from time to time. She jokes about not eating meat (but eating seafood), and not liking chocolate. Now, we were pretty upset about the shot at chocolate since we all love it, but we were able to stay professional and keep our composure 🤣 

Oh, and definitely take her word on the Instagram stories. That's where her personality comes out!

Why You Need To Follow @allie.eats Right This Second

To find out where the best places are to eat or if you just like looking at pretty pictures of food!

When we asked why everyone should follow @Allie.Eats, she kept up the fun, laid back vibes. You could check out other food accounts in SF, but you'll miss out on the emotion that comes with Allie's posts. You'll enjoy checking out her content because of the fun loving emotions she attaches to each post. It was apparent in her interview that she genuinely cares about giving her followers the opportunity to discover incredible food around the SF area.  

You need to check out @allie.eats on Instagram.

The Top Spots For Allie Eats

1) Garden Creamery

3566 20th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

Pro Tip:

They have unique Hawaiian-inspired ice cream flavors that you probably won't find anywhere else in SF. Plus, they serve fresh, doughy, cinnamon-sugared chimney cones on Saturdays from 2-4pm.


2) Plow

1299 18th St, San Francisco, CA 94107


Got plowed @plowsf 🍳 #bayarea #sanfrancisco #potrerohill

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Pro Tip: 

Best lemon ricotta pancakes EVER. I have tried quite a few others and they never compare. Their potatoes are really good too. Just be prepared to wait in line.


3) Vive La Tarte

1160 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94103


Forget about sending noods. Send me alll the croissants from @vivelatarte! 🥐

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Pro Tip

Not only do their croissants look really good, they also taste really good. I don't think croissants can get any more photogenic. Make sure to get the avocado toast while you're there too!


4) Il Casaro

348 Columbus Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133

Pro Tip 

What's better than really good pizza? Really good pizza with fresh burrata on top! Just do it. You won't regret it.


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